Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Spring Break in California

Away to California for spring break we go!

 Rowan only knew we were going to California, not what all we had planned~

Glad to be off the plane!

 After landing, grabbing luggage and a rental car, we drove to Tamarack State Beach near Carlsbad to play for the afternoon~

 He was so very happy!

 I haven't used my camera in so very long...I should have checked the settings before I just started snapping photos LOL  But I still think they captured him, glowing and all!

 Sand boy~

 So brave this time...last year at the beach he didn't want to get in the water.  Next time he will be on a board for sure!

 He loved collecting seaweed~

 Then we grabbed a late lunch at Fish 101.  It was oh so good!

He was surprised for sure! I had told him that there might be a place to trade some minifigs in while we were on our trip so he made a few at home to bring.  The finny thing is that he thought the hotel was Legoland  He had no idea there was an entire park!

 He was thrilled!!

 After we got settled in the room it was off to the pool~

 He is becoming quite the swimmer~

 There was a scavenger hunt in the room that took you around the hotel to find number clues to unlock the treasure chest in your room.  Pretty awesome!  Full of lego that he gets to keep~

 We really liked staying at the hotel on site...but the walls are super thin and people are one night was just perfect~

He loved playing on the playground at the hotel~

 I love how all the waiting areas, restaurants. check in and lines in Lego Land have lego pits for the kids to play in while the parents wait.  Ingenious!

 It was an awesome first day for sure!

 Rowan thought his room was amazing! Sleeping in feather beds in a castle is pretty awesome~

 This dragon watched me fall asleep~

 Our nightlight above our bed~

Rowan's nightlight on the ceiling~

 A breakfast buffet suited for a king! He did eat 3 of those croissants~

 And half a bagel~

 Here we go!

 We had so much fun!

He loved this giant playground~

 And soaking David~

 The people outside the ride were ruthless!



Rowan was my skipper~
David won the race~

Serious driver~

Fairyland cruise~

David can really get those things spinning!

 In awe of the Star Wars section~

 I love the campers!

 Back to the hotel for a nice soak and swim~

Day 2! Time to catch the few rides we didn't ride yesterday and check out the aquarium and the waterpark~

This was fun but I got soaked feet LOL

 So much fun!

The aquarium was ok...but the waterpark was awesome!

We love Legoland! Such a fun trip~

Mini figure trading was the coolest thing ever! He got some great ones~

Hotel soaking and swimming again...of course!

Dinner was amazing! Rowan tried his first oyster~

He was not a fan...said it tasted too much like the ocean LOL

"I found a sound dollar with a barnacle!"

 So sweet~

The lull of the waves and sound of the boat put him right to sleep~

 The cuteness!!!
 I got a few good shots~

 One swam right up alongside the boat and Rowan thought it was amazing!

 So I didn't capture any photos of the whales, and they got some great ones of the dolphins that day so I snagged them off their facebook page~

 So very sad...we stopped and picked up several mylar balloons on our voyage.  They are so bad for the sea life.  The color fades and then they look like jellyfish.  I will no longer purchase them!
 Grey whale! We saw 2 adults and 1 calf~

 More dolphins!

What an amazing trip we had!

 We barely made our flight and I am oh so glad we did! We landed at 2 am into a deserted airport and Josh picked us up~
 Until next time!

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