Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, November 30, 2018

Christmas Around the World

 Such a fun morning at BYU seeing Christmas Around the World! There were supposed to be 5 students but they were either late or decided not to come.  At first Rowan was bummed and then once the show started he said" lets do this every year!" He absolutely loved it! He rated most of the daces with "10's" and the carol of the bells performance with "100".  Love this kid~

 They didn't want us to take pictures this year~

 But I snapped a couple :)

Such a fun way to kick off the Holiday season~

Thursday, November 29, 2018


Always fun with this guy.  We love going to Prohibition with great friends!

 Featured dancer for the evening was Brigette Kiss~

 Such great people~

 We had such a great time!

Some snippets of the night~

umm...these two were AMAZING!

Amazing Hollie!

So fun!

Until next month~

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Date Night with Echo and The Bunnymen

Date night! We were so excited to see Echo and the Bunnymen in concert~

 Great concert!

I love our fun adventures~

Monday, November 26, 2018

A Little Holiday Magic

 This kid couldn't wait to decorate!

 ready for filling!

 Gnomes and elves fill my home this time of year~

 Events planned~

 Star path created courtesy of Rowan~

 Advent pockets filled and ready~

 Santa photos hung with love~

And my Grandma Rene's handiwork all around. 

Starting to feel like the Holidays around here~

Saturday, November 24, 2018

First Snow

We got home just in time to experience the first real snow this time of year. He was loving it! T-shirt, shorts, shoes that i convinced him to ear and mittens.  And this is why my family was fine in 19 degrees at the Macy's Day Parade.  You would think we like this cold weather nonsense.  Dreaming of the beach in Cabo....

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thanksgiving in New York

On our way to New York City! best flight ever with nonstop movies and games~

Then we took a taxi to my sister's home.  We got there super late NY time so we all went straight to bed~

The next day my Mom and Steve were arriving so we went with my sister on the train for her to collect them and for us to go see some sights.  Rowan stayed at home with his cousin. The ceiling of Grand Central is really cool~

First stop was the whispering room~
We took Willow to see Lil Peep's memorial mural~

Willow was so excited!

Then we got some famous NYC pizza~

We had our Thanksgiving dinner that was so lovely and my sister worked so hard to prepare that evening...but we didn't take 1 photo!

The next day we had an agenda! See as much as we could see off the top places list~

We stopped in the whispering room for Steve to check it out~

Rowan was amazed~

Did a little shopping~

Got some yummy coffee at Ground Central~

Checked out some cook Christmas windows~

 St Patricks Cathedral~

The tree~

 Rockefeller Center~
Its much smaller in person!


 Wish list items...LOL  ( look closely at the price)

crazy crowded!

 Big Apple Lego!

Then we headed to lunch and off to Central Park~

Pigeons everywhere!

Fall in the city~

Rowan loved Central Park!

Then we headed to where they were blowing up the balloons!

We walked many miles that day~

It was so fun!

Dough boy!

Charlie Brown~

He sure loves his Aunt Wendy~


The Grinch~

These guys were from some new Netflix show~

Check out those helium tanks!

Cousin love!


And the best according to Rowan...Pikachu!

Then it was the Subway to Times Square~

I got some love from the Naked Cowboy~

 Willow was in heaven~

 The ball~


Checking out these crazy chairs...Rowan went home with everyone else while we met up with David's Brother~

 He took us up to his office to look out over The Hudson and Times Square...Pretty cool!

The we had a great dinner~

Then we hung out in the train station waiting for the trains to come...there was a problem and they were delayed for a while~

So we went to check out the Whisper room again LOL


More shopping~

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

David snapped this for the Rowan pic going on behind me...such a meme face!

"when your family tells you its Thanksgiving day but there won't be a meal and instead they drag you into the city for yet another adventure"

He thinks his cousin is the most amazing person on the planet!

Happy kid!


Seriously, public safety guy would not step aside...just two steps to the right and he would have been behind the sign LOL

 Bare Naked Ladies~

Kane Brown? I don't really know country music stars but there he is LOL

Leona Lewis? I really don't know anyone LOL

Martina McBride~

The wind took the middle float into the one in front of it and then towards the crowd!

Mom and Steve bundled up and keeping warm.  It was 19 degrees! Coldest ever recorded parade temp and 2nd coldest Thanksgiving ever recorded.  We were actually fine.  Peeling off layers even.

Diana Ross and Family~


We love you Santa!

Such fun! I still can't believe we did that!

After the parade it was time for some food! He had two bowls of loaded potato soup!

 David and I had pulled pork sliders and jalapeno/bacon mac and cheese.  oh so good!

Love this little guy~

Then we were off to Ice Skate in Bryant Park~

I love hanging out with my sister~

He did one lap with this thing and then decided he remembered how to skate LOL

I love that he loves ice skating!

Jacobs first time on the ice!

So much fun~

Afterwards it was Waffles and Dinges~

And then Willow took my camera~

Back home to relax and eat together before or middle of the night dash to the airport~
 Moose the lap golden!
Such a great trip! We love our family so much and we are so grateful we got to spend this time with them~
Home again...until the next adventure. Someone was not happy about getting up at 330 AM and leaving his cousin.  There were many tears shed.  Willow says she is moving to NYC when she is older and Rowan wants to live there too.  Sorry kids, mama need the beach in her life real soon so you will have to settle for visits!

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