Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Weights in September

 They say no pain, no gain right?  Well I have the blisters to prove it!   I was lifting across form a guy squatting 315 and I just finished up a set of 195 squats and he said :damn girl, you just killed that! ... Do you compete?"  He went on to tell me about his sister who is in the top 3 in Sandy and that the girls training at her gym have nothing on me :) Needless to say he made my day! I love lifting...maybe one day I will compete but really its enough competition with myself for now~
 Its time for some running shoes throw me off balance with the heavy weights I am working with~

 Hoping to break the 200 lb squat this month!

I started off with the 5X5, adding 5 lbs each time I did the exercise but I have slowed down and I will stay at a weight if I am struggling to get my form down.

These videos are really for me to form check.  I have been shaking up my rows with different variations but I am coming back to the Pendlay Row so deloading to 100 LBS...I have a really hard time with the form on this one.

I had a girl come up to me and say " I just want you to know that you are awesome! Seriously, you don't see women doing what you are doing and you are fantastic! Keep up the good work!"  I really love all the positive vibes and love...especially on those days when I feel like I have nothing to draw from~

205 deadlift~

Date Nights

 We have has some great date nights this month!   We love Top Golf...although I am TERRIBLE! LOL

 I always have a great time with this guy~

 Life is fun~

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Did Someone Say Hawaiian Luau?

We had fun at a Luau Saturday night! We danced until midnight and hung out with great friends~

It was a fun week of activities for us...Our regular date night was fun, even though we had planned to soak in the Hot Springs but dinner took way too long so by the time we would have made it there we would have had about 20 min to soak. So, we ended up downtown having tiramisu and lattes~

Then on Friday night we went to a friends for game night and we took Rowan along.  He had the best time with all the kids and we had fun laughing and hanging out. 

We have more fun planned for this weekend! We are actually going to Lagoon with no kids! And then off to a Drag Show~

Life is fun~

Octoberfest With Mara and Alex

 Rowan has the coolest sister with the coolest best friend.  Alex's family runs Octoberfest at Snowbird and they all went up for the VIP treatment.

Such a fun life~

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Mama's Weekend at the Cabin

Another fun trip with the girls to the cabin!

Great conversation, great food and fun games!

We love Telestrations After Dark...


Lyndsy and her "fairies"...aka creepy ass wasps with weird dangling legs~

Playing Partini~

She wore herself out~

The hiking crew~

Love these ladies!  Always a great time~

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