Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Self Care and Fun Times

 So this has been a summer of self care and well, for lack of a better word...partying ~
 Been working hard at the gym too though! Which is all part of the self care deal~

 We have been having so much fun hanging out with That Mom Kelly and attending various drag shows together~

why is everyone licking things? LOL

 I got my nose ring put back in~

 And found a new favorite place to hang out~ Lake Effect! The food and drinks are amazing and the place is so beautiful~

 Pedicures for the win~

 Having fun...maybe a bit too much.  I actually rode a lime scooter from downtown to our house one day! haha~ It was definitely fun and an adventure in staying alive.  Seriously, Utah drivers need to watch where they are going!

Let's Play Music: Green Turtle Shells

 Another year of music!  Rowan is a Green Turtle Shell this semester and he is loving playing the keyboard~

Looking forward to learning along with him!

Monday, August 27, 2018

First Day of School!

He could not wait for school to start!  So crazy that he would be in 1st grade!! (If we kept track of those sorts of things...) 

 He LOVES all the staff at school and has made some new friends.  He told me that pretty much "video games, school and cats are my personal life"...this kid~

 I love when I pick him up and as "how was your day" and I am met with a loud "Great!"

Don't grow up too fast little one~

Sunday, August 26, 2018


 Happy Happy Day to Mara Vivianne~

 How are you 23?

 We love you and hope you have an amazing year around the sun~

Stop growing up already!

Friday, August 24, 2018

Garden Bounty

 Rowan has had a great summer collecting food from the backyard! He loves tomatoes like no one else I know!
And our beautiful grapes are oh so happy and oh so so good!

I love summer~

Saturday, August 18, 2018


 We had such a fun day celebrating Rowan's homecoming from the NICU! We rode Lime Scooters around downtown and then played video games at Dave and Busters~

 He won some prizes, including his first experience with fun dip! 

Can't believe it has been 6 years~

Friday, August 17, 2018

200 LB Dead Lift

I have been lifting again for going on 4  months now.  I have been doing the Stonglifts 5X5 program. My first goal with the dead lift was to lift 200 LBS and I made it!

I have been stuck at 170-175 with my squats, 75-80 with overhead press and 115 bench press for a while now,  I keep deloading and working back up but I can't seem to break though.  My gym does not have 1 LB weights so i am going to get some and slowly build up to the next 5. 

I had to change the way I was doing the standing row but I have been progressing with that even though it doesn't feel quite right.  I am at 135 with that as of this week.

I have also started running again! I am only on week 2 of the program to build a faster runner so still a ways to go but it feels good!

Summer Camp Love

I adore Rowan's summer camp person.  They are amazing~

The last day culminated in an epic game complete with costumes and weapons.  He evn carried a jug of "the blood of his demon father"... This kid cracks me up~

They had a blast playing in the Jordan river and found an old cell phone.  He and his buddy Taly came back to our home after camp and figured out a way to crack it open.  Summer memories for sure~

He had an amazing summer with them.  I am so so grateful.  Now time for school to begin~

End of Summer Fun

After camp playdates are the best! Especially when they include the trampoline and a sprinkler!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Drag Queens on Ice

 Date night!
 This time it was off to see Drag Queens on Ice~

 She had an amazing voice!

 I do love this man~

Such a great night with great friends~

Monday, August 13, 2018

Nothing Loved is Ever Lost

I picked up Maggie's ashes and the sweet little plaque they made.  We will always love this girl and miss her deeply~

Lego Build

SUper cute Minecraft Lego! You can tell he has been watching a lot of you tube videos lately with the "comment below" comment! This kid cracks me up~

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Summer Fun

 This has been a really, really different summer for us...lots of stuff going on and big changes in our family...but I have tried to do some of the fun stuff we enjoy mixed in with all of the chaos.  Hot summer nights call for ice cream!  We ended up at Baskin Robbins on the 31st when they have $1.50 cones lol  It was packed!

 We had these two crazy pups, Rodger and Boston, visiting for most of July and into August.  Juniper seemed to like it at first, I think it helped her not be so lonely after Maggie's passing but she was quickly done with both of them LOL

 Love notes on my car while I am out with my girlfriends for Duckies at El Chihuahua~

 After camp playdates and picnics.  These two have had such a fun summer together!

 So many stops at Bob's Brain Freeze.  His favorite is the Pokemon flavor...of course!

 Ive been working on my work trade for Rowan's school.  We worked quite hard and landscaped the back area between the art wagon and the outdoor classrooms!

 I think it turned out pretty great!

School starts in a couple of weeks and we plan to get out there and finish it~

 Rowan spent a week in a Martial Art's camp.  It wasn't his favorite activity, but he is considering doing classes there.
 He had fun breaking boards and learning to do side kicks!

We have been spending most Sundays at Lagoon, using those awesome passes and I have been trying to make it to Seven Peaks a few times before it's too cold to go.

Rowan is LOVING nature camp! Park days, hikes, exploring, friendship, field trips, guest speakers and arts and crafts.  I am truly grateful for all the fun he has been able to have while I am occupied with other things.

Summer is ending way too soon for me...but the Fall will bring new possibilities and hopefully so much joy~

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