Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, April 2, 2018

Camping The Wedge Overlook and Buckhorn Wash

Off to tent camp at The Wedge Overlook and Buckhorn Wash~

We stopped in Price for lunch.  Seriously, this place was so good!

The canyon is amazing! I can't believe we have not made it out here before~

So happy Willow has Bryleigh to bring along an adventures~

Utah is amazing~

This is 3 hours from our house!

They were terrifying me with the whole no fear of cliffs!

Rowan had tons of fun climbing trees and building~

We had a great campsite! #10 right on the overlook~

Our abode for the night~

Willow and Bryleigh had their own camping area and even built their own fire~

He lived in the trees~

The views are amazing!

My kids get their no fear of falling to their deaths from this guy...unfortunately, his Grandfather died from falling off the Grand Canyon...But it doesn't' stop him~

we went for a drive to check out the Wedge and other camping areas~

An arch is forming!

These two fell asleep on our drive!


Music and conversation~
Roasting fruit~


They made their own fire~
Sunset was amazing~

The moon! It was full and so bright...almost like daylight~


He built his own fire pit~

Always in a tree~

Info on the area~

After packing up camp, we headed to the wash~

This was AMAZING! A meat eating dino foot print~

There are no signs for this so look it up before you go and download the map!

It is on the main road through the wash before you get to the pictographs~

These were amazing~

Happy to be out and about~

On our way back to I-70 we stopped at the only swinging bridge left in Utah~

The desert is so amazing!

We wore them out!

Such a fun trip~

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