Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, December 31, 2018

New Years Eve 2018

 After the Noon years eve celebration these two had a sleepover! I can't believe Rowan did it...but then again he surprises me so much,  He had a blast, of course~

 David and I kicked ass at the gym.  I finished off the year squatting 230 ( although I did not complete the 5X5,,,I did 5/4/5/5/4...but because I failed to complete 5 sets of 5 for the 3rd time it meant going into the New year delaoded.  That's ok! I will get it! My bench press was AMAZING! I finished out 135 lbs! I was so excited.  And while I was benching this super hot, totally ripped couple came up to me and said they just wanted to tell me how awesome I was! That they had seen me in the gym and were blown away by how much I was squatting and that I squat more than most the men in the gym.  I almost started crying and hugged her! It feels good to be seen and recognized.  I am working hard! I also have my row form down and feel better about adding more weight.  I finally have that burst of power! I finished out at 125 lbs.   I love weight lifting so much!

I also had a very interesting thing happen.  While  I lift I listen to my dubstep radio on pandora...been listening to the same radio for a year or so.  I was feeling really sad because I was not able to go to my Grandmas funeral and then this song came on...never head it before in my life and it hasn't played since! Thank Rene...I love you~

Needles to say i felt AMAZING after leaving the gym!  We went to our hotel for the evening and then started the night at Chili Tepin.  Oh so good!

Then we walked to Lake Effect and had a drink and checked out the downstairs bar...I had never been down there before~

Then we went to the Red Door for some martinis~

Then our final destination was to The Metro to meet up with Kelly and Adam.  We had SO much fun dancing the new year in~

Happy New Year!

Her's to a new year with new possibilities~

Then we went back and snuck into the hot tub!

New Years day moved slow..hahaha...but we had a great Breakfast at The Green Pig and then went home and had a relaxing day with the kid~

Happy 2019!

Happy "Noon" Years Eve

 Happy Noon Years eve from The Living Planet Aquarium~

 look close~

 Hello little sloth~

 The octopus was super active and swimming!

 Almost countdown time!

 Static hair~

Love these guys~

That was really fun!

Happy New Years!

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Goodbye Rene

My sweet Grandma Rene passed away last night  Everyone referred to her as "Miss Irene" and I couldn't pronounce that when I was little so I called her Rene and it stuck. She was greatly loved and cherished by our family. Every room of our home has something she created or inspired. We sleep under her quilts, cook from her yummy recipes and have so many stories full of laughter and joy. She encouraged me to do so many things. She loved my kids fiercely and they grew up having fun adventures at her house. She was an incredibly strong woman and was loved by so many. She will be missed by us all~

 I have many more pictures of her but they are not digital so one day I will get to scanning them all in!

We love you so much. Give Papa and Uncle Dennis a hug from us~

Friday, December 28, 2018

Lyndsy's 40th at A Bar Named Sue

 My dear friend Lyndsy turned 40 and we had a super fun party at A Bar Names Sue~

 It was a unicorn fairy princess party with a donut "cake"~

 L and A...

 Best friends since kindergarten!

 She is a pool playing pro~

Happy Birthday Lyndsy! We love you~

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