Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My Tech High

This year for Kindergarten, Rowan is doing My Tech High.  It's an online program here in Utah.  Basically they are the middleman between homeschool and public school that gives us back some of the tax money that we pay into the public school system.  Josh and Willow both did it years ago but we stopped participating when they required core classes and testing...not our thing.  But now, you can create your own classes and opt out of testing so here we go again. 
Kindergarten is only half day here in Utah (and optional) so we only get partial funds but he gets $150 each for "Math and Language Arts" and a $150 tech allowance to be used for anything school related ( next year it will be $150 each for Math, language arts, science and a $400 tech allowance!).  He is also taking a My Tech High direct class on rockets and he can hardly wait for the rockets to arrive! We designed a math class all around Legos and he picked out a ton of Star Wars Legos to build this year.  We also got a bunch of new games to play ( this kid could play games all day!) tons of art supplies and a really cool Ozobot! There will be much fun happening here! The only downside is that I have to log in a report something about our week each Friday...that may not seem like much to most people, and maybe it wont be with all the changes going on, but as Unschoolers we have been free to just live and not have to report to a soul. I don't think it will be a big deal as I already blog most of the things that we do so I will just be able to link it on their site and be done...I will have to put a reminder in my calendar though!
We have a busy year planned with Magic Treehouse Book Club, Culture Club, Spanish Class, Ninja Class and a Kindergarten Sports Class that starts in October.  Of course we will still have our regular weekly meetups with our group for playdates or fieldtrips.  I am also planning to get Rowan to Nature in the City with the Aviary or do our own little forest school on a regular basis because he loves it so much.  We will also be participating in all the Waldorf festivals with the Waldorf group. We also try to get to the library every 2 weeks and have kiwi crate and little passports ever month coming in the mail.  I don't think we will be lacking in activities!
Now to balance that with Willow's new adventure...we shall see! ( more to come on that later)
He is one happy kid and thinks My Tech High is amazing! It's like Christmas in August :)

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