Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Waterford Upstart Program

 Today Rowan enrolled in the Waterford Upstart program.  He actually had fun taking the evaluation test but I was right to go with my instincts that there was NO way he would have done it last year.   Typically this program is for preschool but it actually is for up to 3rd grade...they just start them where they test in to the program and go from there.  He took a test today while Willow and I learned all about the program...Willow was so bored and said that this was the worst thing you could do to a child hahaha! But, Rowan keeps asking me for ABC and he loves Starfall so I think he will like this...if not they will just boot us out of the program.  I personally think it is silly that they require you to log in for 15 min a day even if you are on vacation! So we may be booted out just for that reason since we will be missing days with camping trips and Disney this fall. But, for now, he likes doing it so we will participate.

He was not too thrilled with everyone clapping for him at the end!
Each month he will get a medal on a postcard mailed to him and he can attach them to this.  I am not big on reward systems like this because well...I think it really just creates a person that is dependent on the rewards and being a "people pleaser" to get rewards instead of accomplishing things of ones own resolve.  But, he is excited to get stuff in the mail and we will just make it all about fun.  We are not in this to create some super genius prepared for the public school system LOL

Adventures being 5~

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