Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, July 28, 2017

Camping The Tetons

 Off to camp The Grand Tetons and we couldn't be more excited!

 Our sticker collection is starting to grow! So many fun adventures~

 We found a beautiful spot on some BLM land away from the crowds.  It was amazing~

 Seriously, who doesn't want to frolic in wildflowers with a view of the mountains?

I had my happy place for sure...swinging in the shade under the pines and aspens and listening to the babbling brook to my right was so perfect~

Sneaky selfies on my phone...I love this kid~

I need this in my backyard~

Of course I had company in the hammock from this little monkey!

 She even asked to have her hair French braided! Ok, I know its not perfect but it has been years!

 The flowers were EVERYWHERE! It was so magical~

 There was a little brook running through our site...Rowan had fun playing in the water~

 Even though it was BLM land, they still had bear boxes and camp rules~

 making wishes~

Such a great view!

Campfires in summer~

David is really loving his propane fire pit~

On Sunday, David and Willow braked the rapids of the Snake river and had a blast!

Maybe next year little gotta be 6 to do it~

Here is a bit of the adventure~

While they were away playing, Rowan and I had breakfast at the sweetest little café in Jackson~
I also had to play this very detailed game...I lost of course but this is how our days go around here.  So much like his brother Josh when it comes to the gaming mind~

After breakfast, we drove to the lookout for the Lunchcounter rapid so we could see them scream!
There were two guys surfing! It was really cool~

Here they come!  We made it there about 5 min before they got there~

David is on the left with sunglasses and a go pro on his head and Willow is on the right across from him~

They really liked their river guide and had a lot of fun with the people in their raft~


Looks like a ton of fun!

They loved it! Now Willow wants to do a class 4 rapid~

After they went over the Lunchcounter, Rowan and I headed back to the Jackson to play at the park until it was time to pick them up~

Such a happy sweet kid~

We picked up the rafters and headed to lunch! We love Mexican so we chose The Merry Little Piglets and it was a great choice!

I love that this kid sucks on limes and eats shrimp street tacos with ginger slaw for lunch~


 Seriously oh so good!

Then we did a little site seeing and shopping~

Then it was back to camp to relax, explore and wait for our friends to arrive!

Back in my happy place with my little man~

Willow also got her first driving lesson on this trip.  Nothing like learning to drive in a big ass truck on a mountain road with cliffs!

They are here!

It's always fun to camp with great friends!

It was a lovely evening around the fire, complete with smores and great conversation~

On Monday, we headed into the Tetons for some mountain fun.  Nothing like riding in the back on the truck on the forest road~

First stop was Jackson Lake and dam~

So beautiful~

Mount Moran~


The power of water!

Lunch on the go~

Rowan loves birds so much so he was thrilled when this guy was checking out our picnic~

We had lunch at the String Lake trailhead and then went to find a place to get in the water.  We had no idea that it would be warm enough for swimming.  Next time we a re bringing floats and a day set up to stay and play!

It didn't stop us from getting in!

These faces...I want to remember them all~

Deeper and deeper they went~


So much fun~

That's Willow and Jay swimming back to shore~

 Jay...pretending to be the South Teton~

David didn't really get wet so Jay took care of that...but David was ready with a dirt massage~

And then Rowan had to do it too~

Time for group shots!

Rowan was making a Teton~

Such a fun day!

 Back to camp for some relaxing and games~

 And so many wildflowers...Koda was so sweet and picked these for Willow~

 Smores and board games of course~

And great conversations into the wee hours of the morning~

On Tuesday, David, Rowan and I got up really early to head to Coulter Bay to get Rowan's junior ranger.  On our way in this herd of Bison was crossing the road.  Very cool!
 We attended a Ranger program and then turned in his completed book~

So cute!

Then it was back to camp to pack up and head home  But not without more beautiful flowers.  Rowan also got his first bee sting!
It was such a lovely trip!  Looking forward to the next adventure~

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