Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, July 10, 2017

Camping Lava Hot Springs

 On our way to Lava Hot Springs to camp with friends for the weekend!

 We are so lucky to have such great friends that let us join them on their family land for a weekend of fun!
 This time they brought along their bounce house!

 Picnic dinners~

 The kids had so much fun~

 The moon was amazing~
 As was the sunset~

 Campfire time~


 Such a lovely evening~

 On Saturday we went to swim on the river in a reservoir area hidden amongst farmland~
 It was awesome!

 We had the place to ourselves~

 Happy kids!

 Getting the courage to cliff jump~



 Happy family!

 Rowan even jumped...he started low and worked his way up~

 Little fish Taly~
 I missed Rowan's jump but got the splash!
 She worked up he courage and then didn't want to stop~
 So much fun~

 Most of the gang going together~

 Swimming fish~

 Take 2!

 So much fun!
 Then we head into Lava to meet up with some more friends and go to the waterpark and float the river...but the water park was insanely packed and no one wanted to do it so we just did the river~

 Here they go!

 These guys flipped out after this was taken.  Willow was able to grab Talysen out of the rapids and Katie was able to get back on her float~

 So much fun!

 My brave non swimming friends!

 Rowan didn't want to go the first time so we played on the playground after we watched them come down, but after seeing them he wanted to do it~

 Here comes the caravan~

 Take 2~

 Rowan was a little nervous about the big drop~

 But he loved it!

 Take 3...David had the 4 man to himself~

 Athan decided to surf~

 Everyone had a great time!

 Then it was back to the reservoir for a short lived cold swim in the sprinkling rain~
 Lots more jumping!

 All Willow wants to do now is go on cliff diving trips~

 Back to the campout to warm up and have some dinner~
 And play!

 Seth in his blanket part 1....

 Jay always gets the kids playing awesome games!

 Rock climbing on the fault line~

 Hammocks for the win~

 The kids played this really cool game called Breakout where they had to figure out the clues to get the codes to unlock the locks before the time runs out~

 They won!

 Glowsticks and poppers for all~

 Seth in his blanket part 2~

 roasting marshmallows~


 Seth in his blanket part 3~

 Such a fun trip! Can't wait till the next adventure~

 On Sunday we left camp and headed to the Tetons.  We have a little side business where we rent our trailer out and there was a family that had booked it for a week right after our trip.  It worked out great since we were already half way there being at Lava~

 While David gave them the tour and showed them how to use everything Willow, Rowan and I went and explored Coulter Bay~

 Getting a penny of course~

 We are camping here in a few weeks and we can't wait! It is so beautiful~
 We stopped for dinner in Jackson Hole and walked around for a bit~

 Rowan had fallen asleep and slept while we walked, through dinner and for a while after! He was exhausted from all the fun!  I was scared he was gonna be up all night but he went to sleep around 10:30 and stayed asleep even after we got home at midnight!

Such a fun life~

Here are a few go pro videos from the river float...

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