Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, July 30, 2017

27 Years

We have been married for 27 years...that's a really long time!  Our day was supposed to start at Seven Peaks Provo with friends but Mother Nature had other plans so we decided to go see Spiderman with the kids instead.
It was awesome.  I loved the new storyline~
 Then, Willow was off to Grandmas to sleep over with her cousin and head to Lagoon the next day and this little guy got a full 24 hours with Josh.  He had more tacos than you can imagine and loved every minute of it.  We can't thank Josh enough for letting us go celebrate alone!


Josh even took him to get fish tacos and double rice (Rowan's favorite) at Rubios...which Josh is not that big of a fan...he is a good brother that's for sure...

 Off to celebrate!

We stayed at The Radisson downtown which was really nice~

And took Trax around for fun~

Market Street for dinner was so so good~

And then we went to several bars on our walk back to the room~

 Karaoke was hilarious~

 We may have had a bit too much fun with our little friend Jose~

 Back to the hotel where we had the pool and hot tub to ourselves!

And the rest of the evening is private :)

 On Saturday we woke up, had some breakfast and headed to do this hike.  Now, I love to hike.  I would hike daily.  But this hike gives new meaning to "Hike from Hell".  I will NEVER do this again.  I literally cannot walk today.  My muscles are still shaking and just buckle as I hobble around.  It's gonna be days before I am normal again! I think Jose may have played a big part...and total lack of sleep but this hike is hard...oh and it is not 2.8 miles like the sign says...try more like 3.5 miles! My fitbit says I did 10.5 miles but I think it was a bit off.  I did climb over 250 flight of stairs and walk over 25,000 steps!
 It is beautiful in Big Cottonwood canyon~
We took lots of selfies along the way~
 We saw lots of butterflies and bees but not much else...we heard lots of noisy grasshoppers but really no birds, no chipmunks or ground squirrels and no moose....


 The wildflowers were breathtaking~

 An the views of Salt lake down below were amazing~

 Just before cresting the top to the lake~

Lake Blanche~

 Sundial Peak~

 The wildflowers with the lake and the giant glacier carved peaks is pretty amazing~

 We took a break at the cascade and David refilled his water~

 Then I had some fun taking pics of some flowers~

 And some little visitors~


 While this trail was brutal and I will never do it again, spending time with my amazing husband doing what we love most made celebrating 27 years amazing. Looking forward to celebrating 28~

True Love~

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