Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, June 2, 2017

Touring the Walking Dead

Willow was thrilled as we arrived in Atlanta to see this iconic scene with Rick riding in horseback looking for his family.  Of course they did some serious CGI with it and added the train...but it was still an amazing experience for her....
Let the Walking Dead adventures begin!

We did a lot of combining of seeing areas where they filmed with visiting some fun with a 14 yr old and a 4 yr old~ 

This is where the tank scene was filmed...where Glen enters the picture~

We saw "Rick's house"~

We saw the house where Morgan was hiding out with his son~

Then we went on a Walking Dead tour in Haralson Georgia where they filmed the iconic scene with Merle being killed by the Governor~


Rowan was Rick~

Willow was Maggie...she even got to wear the actual practice gun that she used~

My mom was Morgan...although she had no idea what was going on!

I was Michone...of course! A super katana!



Willow and Rowan checking out where Ricks group snuck up on the Governor~

Rowan and I reenacted a scene with him being a Walker~


We got to go in where they filmed the Governor  killing merle

Apparently the fake fingers he bit off are still in there somewhere~

I  got to reenact Merle shooting at the Governor~

Rowan was such a ham...he had no idea what the leader of our tour was talking about, but he was willing to recreate many he is doing Daryl's cry after he discovered Merle was dead and had turned...

The tour~

This is where they filmed Rick and the Governor trying to negotiate~

Willow and Rowan reenacting the scene...Rowan has no clue what is going on haha!
It was really interesting! So glad we got to do the tour~
Then we headed into Senoia...otherwise known as The Towne of Woodbury...and had lunch at Nic and Normans!

Oh so good!

Then we went to The official Walking Dead store where they have a museum in the basement with actual stuff used in the filming~

They had a couple of the prison cells where they hid out in Season 3~

Daryl's motorcycle~

The chair that Andrea was tied to...

A remake of the Governors heads~

Many of the actors wrote on the walls quotes from the show that they said...


Then time for a cold treat at the Walking Dead café~
Then we wandered the street of Senoia.  Such a cute little town!

Time to check out Alexandria!
It was literally across the road from "Woodbury"  I find it hilarious that people actually live there with those "walls" and burned out buildings. 
Oh, and don't try to go under that police will be fined $300!

They won't let you get too close...they are still filming here.  We went on a Saturday...they only film during the week so we didn't see anyone.

From the show...


More walking around the main street area~
he loves his Granny~


 If there is a climbable tree he is in it!

 We also saw the house where Carl ate pudding on the roof~

The railroad tracks to Terminus...

Until next time~

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