Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Solstice

 Rowan set out a tea party for the summer fairies to enjoy~

 We had dinner outside and then had a fire in David's new fire pit (Father's Day present)~
 We made tiny food for the fairies...cupcakes, muffins, cotton candy, pretzels, ice cream cones and chocolates~
 The fairies left Rowan some gifts in return...they left rose petals and jewels!
It was a lovely way to welcome our favorite season~

Turbo and Ozwald

 Meet Turbo! (He is on top of the hidehut)  He is our newest Chin! He and Ozwald adore each other!

 This was their first meet up after a week of hanging out next to each other in separate cages~

 Now Ozzie won't be so lonely and stressed~
 Now they snuggle and groom each other!
Happy Happy Chinchillas!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Celebrating Five with Plants Vs Zombies

 We celebrated Rowan and his good friend Trexton turning 5 with a Plants vs Zombies Birthday!

 I had a lot of fun making the party decorations!

 These were my favorite~

 Launch buckets ready for 400 water balloons!

 There were targets all over the yard~

 And we had Crazy Daves  Tacos for lunch!

Would not have been complete without a jello brain~
Willow helped~
We made fruit and veggie sunflowers~

Everyone arrived!

It was a perfect hot day for water play!

The water balloons were awesome!


The birthday boys exchanged gifts~


Whoever invented this handy way of filling balloons is a genius!


Sweet baby Aspen~



Birthday boys!

Maggie and Juniper really enjoyed the water balloons!
Time for the piƱata~



Landon took it down!

Cake time~





And of course some Garden Warfare 2!

Happy Birthday Rowan and Trexton! We love you~

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