Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, June 30, 2017

Messy Party!

 Messy party...need I say more?  An awesome afternoon of getting completely messy is a great way to kick off summer for sure!
 A chocolate spaghetti pool!
 Rowan was all in~

 And then they started adding it to the swimming pool!

 As David said " Gives a whole new meaning to the word pool noodle" !

 Then came the shaving cream slip and slide~

 And just coating yourself in shaving cream!

 Giant bubbles of course!

 And colored cornstarch powder!

 Noodle fight!

 The noodle boat cracked me up!

 Shaving cream hats for all!

 I knew she was gonna grab it!

  A giant vat of jello for the win!

 Play dough hats~

 Shaving cream beards too~

 Noodle trampoline!

 Sweet Sunny~

 Violet making Maggie quite happy.  She really wanted to be outside but she had to wait until the shaving cream and chocolate had disappeared~

 He threw noodles EVERYWHERE!

 Rolling in paint, chocolate and shaving cream~

 Covered head to toe!

 watching the madness~

 oh and there were squirt guns and water balloons too~

 And spray painting~

 The chocolate spaghetti swimming pool was one of the favorites for sure~

 So many noodle fights!

 Sweet walking Bentley!

 Dumping so much water!

What an awesome day! So many great memories.  Rowan said he wants to do it again today...maybe  at the end of the summer?

Love being an unschooler!

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