Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sharing Food and Love

 Today was our Bi weekly event to help feed Salt Lake's Homeless population outside of The Road Home~
 We fed over 100 people today~
 Willow made a HUGE pot of spaghetti and there was soup, bread, sandwiches, chips, water and snack cakes.  So grateful for all the families that showed up!
 My Friend Hollie took many of these pics and I want to share what she wrote on Facebook...

"Another mouth fed. Today we had 5 families come together and we were able to feed about 100 people. As we were cleaning up my heart broke as I watched one gentleman that didn't get food, he was eating off a plate that was left. I know many people think this is a life that's chosen but I've seen the affects of addiction and I know without the proper resources and support its not easy to overcome. Even with those things in place it is still a lifelong struggle. Luv is free, time is precious. If you can make a difference in 1 life is it worth that time? I believe that every human deserves luv and if I can give that out even if it's just in the form of food I will do it. More importantly if I can teach my kids to luv unconditionally and to not be judgmental then I feel better knowing who is going to be taking care of this planet. They are the future!"

Another Awesome Day Being An Unschooler~

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