Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Snow Canyon and Zion National Park

Snow Canyon and Zion National Park bound for a weekend of camping fun with great friends~

 We set up camp in Snow Canyon~
 I couldn't find these two, but heard them laughing like crazy in the trailer...found them shredding a pillow!


 And 5 min later completely asleep~
 Our camp~
 My snuggle buddy...It was cold at night!
 Little sleeping man.  He slept the whole night in his own bed~

 Can we have Joe Joes?...well, of course~
 Cooking and Biking~
 Hanging out in the hide out~
Hatching Caterpillars~

 Hiking the petrified sand dunes~

 Having fun!
 To the top!

 Happy baby~
 So beautiful~

 The views are amazing~

 Lost hikers~


 So happy!



 Lots of biking and scootering~
 A beautiful rainbow to end the day~

 Aww, so cute~
Little photo bomber~

On Sunday we headed to Zion National Park for some fun~

 The buses were running and it was packed! I guess some Spring Breakers were there~
 Aww, these two...

 In total awe of Zions~
Holding on tight~
Love the people~

 Our first hike was to Weeping Rock~

 The group~

 We stopped at the Lodge for some smashed pennies, yoga, plank challenges and Ninja~

 The caravan~
Zions is beautiful~

We drove through a mile long tunnel! It was really cool~
 Then it was off to Many Pools hike~

After our amazing day we headed to Oscars for dinner~

 Most of us headed home early on Monday, but a few stayed and played in the Lava Tubes and Sand Dunes~
 Such a fun trip!
On our way home we stopped in Kolob Canyons (the other part of Zions) so that Rowan could get his Junior Ranger and we could check out the views~

 Pretty amazing!



And then this happened...Pokemon Go players know what a big deal this one is but essentially you have to have 400 Magicarp candies to evolve a Magikarp into a Gyarados and Rowan did it! That means he pretty much caught over 100 Magikarp. He did have a Magikarp as his companion but last summer when we were at the ocean in Oregon, Rowan was catching 2-3 for ever 1 that David and I could catch!   I am still about 110 away...He was THRILLED!

It's a pretty awesome life~

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