Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Scenic Highway 12 Road Trip

 Time to head south! The desert is calling.  Rowan and I were feeling much better so we decided to go away for a few days.  We got a later start since David and I are on week 12 of our weight lifting program and we want to keep it going! We are getting so strong.  Willow decided to stay home...she had her own adventure with some great friends while we were away! We are so fortunate~
 Our usual stop at the weird petting zoo gas station in day we will go when the zoo is open~
 Working on the castle~
Listening to this for book club~

We made our way to Scenic Hwy 12~

Ready for an adventure!

 You have to drive through two tunnels on the road~
 Being goofy at the hotel~
 And making Rowan's night with a long dip in the pool~

 Little fish~
 I love this kid~

After a nice swim it was off to bed! We had two days of adventuring ahead~

 So, we didn't know that there would be NO WHERE to eat...literally.  Hardly anything was open.  We ate at the one restaurant in the Bryce Canyon area for dinner and it was terrible! So we headed back to Panguitch to see what they had to offer...absolutely nothing! So we stopped at a gas station to ask and they said they could make us breakfast in their Chinese restaurant! It was actually quite good and they accommodated me being gluten free so well! They were also so kind to Rowan and had him chatting up a storm!

Then we were off to Kodachrome Basin State Park for some exploring~

So beautiful!

So much mud!
 Soaking in the desert sun~

The wind was crazy up on the plateau~

Such and easy hike to a really cool arch~

A tiny Rowan on my shoulder~


Mud boy~

Making rope~


We had to turn around because the road was impassable but there is another really cool arch to be seen...maybe in June!

 Then we drove to Escalante to eat at David's friends place...they were really great making my stuff gluten free! You never know with these kinds of places~
 It was quite yummy!

 Our traditional sign photos~

 Rowan snapped some pictures too~

 This place is amazing!
Utah is seriously incredible!

 Our next stop was outside of Capital Reef National Park.  We had the hotel to ourselves...and they even put us in room birthday is 2-22!
 More swimming! Then we had a lovely dinner ~

Floating with mom~
Rowan loved the in room hot tub!

 Our day began exploring the park...

 We had only planned to make a quick stop in but we ended up staying the whole day.  We had a great time!
 Off to see another cool arch!
 This kid is a serious hiker!

So beautiful!


 I love this man~
 Desert prickly pear cactus~

We were so happy to find a place to eat lunch! They even had gluten free buns and pizza!

 Heading down a river bed to check out some water pots~
 The desert is amazing~

 Pioneer graffiti~

Very cool rocks!

Another arch among the tanks~

45 isn't too bad.  It was a great way to spend a Birthday! As we were leaving Rowan said "but mom. you don't have a present or a cake" and I said "my present is the adventure!" He said..."well, I know the perfect gift but if only I wasn't a Junior Ranger then I could pick you flowers" I so love this kid~

Shadow family~

He had to have this Junior Ranger vest...he said it was his army man vest!

He could have stayed and played in the white sand all day~

Lizard friends~

The sun was setting on our adventure.  Always more to come~

Water and wind create art~

On our way out we saw a field full of these guys.  I thought they were beavers at first but they have furry tails...I found out they were yellow bellied marmots.  Oh so cute!
It was an amazing trip.  I can't wait to go back in June for the Astronomy Festival in Bryce Canyon!
It's a rather good life~

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