Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, December 31, 2017

Final Days of 2017


 It was a quiet week after Christmas with playdates filled with much imaginative play~

 And the growing of crystals from Holiday love~

Pretty cool!
 There was shopping for some winter warmth and room redo's~

 And pictures and blogging galore! We got the artwork that Willow made for us for Christmas framed~

 Got the 2017 photos on the wall~


And got my Stitch A Day project framed~

I've been busy creating and loving every minute of it~

I really think 2018 is going to be an amazing year~

Stitch a Day 2017

The finished product! I am quite happy with my new piece of art.  It was a great year for sure~
My friend started a "Stitch a Day 2017" group and I decided that would be fun and joined.  Every day you embroider something and at the end of the year you have a beautiful piece of artwork to frame.  I had to play catch up so on January 5th I did these 5 stitches~
Jan 1st: 2017~ Happy New Year!
Jan 2nd: The snowflake for sledding in the snow
Jan 3rd: A roller skate (since we went skating)
Jan 4th: the swirl with French knots
Jan 5th: Dino feet for the Dino museum trip
 Jan 6th: Chain stitch with French knots~
 Jan 7th: Feather stitch
 Jan 8th: A coffee cup for meeting up for coffee and Stitch and Bitch with friends
 Jan 9th: A pyramid for Magic Treehouse Club...we learned all about Mummies~
 Jan 10th: A carrot...trying to double my vegetable intake~
 Jan 11th: A gear for the Discovery Gateway Children's museum
 Jan 12th: A deer...we saw tons of deer on the way to the cabin and one even ran into the truck...he was ok and took off and no one was hurt and there was no damage done thankfully!

 Jan 13th: A couching stitch (sort of) ~
 Jan 14th: Spent the day knitting with friends at the cabin so I made a little ball of yarn and needles

 Jan 15th: Sledding at the cabin!
 Jan: 16th: A tiny barbell for weightlifting.  David and I are on week 7 of a program we started and I am LOVING it!  I feel so much stronger~
Jan 17th: An apple...Rowan and Hank ate so many apples...then Rowan saw a commercial that was actually for insurance I think but it was about Snow White, he remembered the story and wanted me to read it to him again (he kept hiding under the covers in fear) and then he wanted to watch the movie Snow White and the Huntsman so we did... 
 Jan 18th: Cards Against Humanity.  It's always a fun night with my girlfriends playing Cards Against Humanity!
 Jan 19: Soup kind of day~

Jan 20th: Mom's night out at Mi I made a taco~
Jan 21st: Today was the Women's March on Washington ( along with many, many marches across the world! I couldn't be at those but I was there in solidarity! I made a Pussy hat in support. Marching on Monday in Utah~
Jan 22nd: I spent the day watching movies and knitting pussy hats for the women's march on the Utah state capital!  
Jan 23rd: The March.  It was incredible.  It was an honor.  It restored my faith in humanity.  Here is my sign.
Jan 24th: I worked on our family budget and I am really excited about the goals we have set for the year!  I made a little dollar~
Jan 25th: The Chocolate for Mom's night...need I say more!
Jan 26th: Feeding the Homeless Service Project...I tried to make my crockpot full of soup but it looks like a toaster!
Jan 27th: Saying goodbye to gluten for a little stomach will thank me~
Jan 28th: I added another swirl to 2017 
Jan 29th: A little bit of cross stitching
Jan 30th: Craft Circle...making fairies~
Jan 31st:  Rainbows! Working on Rowan's Koala Crate all about rainbows!
January: A month of stitches~
Feb 1st: Happy # 26 Aspen!
Feb 2nd: Glasses...Both Willow and Aspen got glasses!
Feb 3rd: I added some grass to Aspen's tree~
Feb 4th: Mom's night out at Settabelos Pizza!
 Feb 5th: I added clouds to my rainbow

 Feb 6th: I colored in the roller skate since we went to the rink again~

Feb 7th: A sun for the beautiful reprieve from winter we have had~

Feb 8th: Ice skating at the Gallivan Center
 Feb 9th: Added light bursts around the fairy~

 Feb 10th: Sea Quest Aquarium visit...made a little shark~

Feb 11th: Added seed stitch to the pyramid~ 
February 12th: A little rain cloud for all the rain~
 Feb 13th: Made a little pirate hat for Magic Treehouse Club all about Pirates~
 Feb 14th: He is my Valentine <3 p="">
 Feb15th: We delivered Valentines to the VA Hospital~

 Feb 16th: Craft Circle...needle felting...although I just sat and knit the castle~

Feb 17th: Packing up David and Willow for a quick trip to Vegas to see Twenty One Pilots! ~
 Feb18th: Willow and David had an awesome time at the Twenty One Pilots Concert.  So I made their logo...
 Feb19th: Started reading The Zookeepers Wife...I loved the story~

Feb 20th: Left on a Road trip down Utah's Scenic Hwy 12~  
Feb 21st: Hiked to Shakespeare Arch in Kodachrome State Park
Feb 22nd: Happy Birthday to me!
Feb 23rd: Made the Hickman Bridge Arch that we hiked to on my Birthday in Capital Reef National Park~
Feb 24th: Made a Tequila bottle and shot glass to remember the crazy fun we had at David's bosses house for the celebration of his promotion, Simba's 3rd Wedding, My Birthday, Nicki's Birthday and Ed's Birthday...CAH will never be the same!~
Feb 25th: Made a Pokémon for the new Generation of hunting that was released~
Feb 26th: Made a castle...I'm knitting this enormous project for Rowan...working hard on a castle~
Feb 27th: Made a little geo board for our art activity with our homeschooler friends~
Feb 28th:  Happy Birthday to my Willow...a Willow tree for 14~
January and February: 2 months of stitches 
I'm really loving this project!
 March 1st: We built Marble runs with our Homeschool Friends~

 March 2nd: Paint night!

 March 3rd: Zumba with friends after book club~

 March 4th: I attended the Rise Up and March On Conference~

March 5th: More Pokémon Hunting so I colored in my Little Pokémon~
 March 6th:I finally made an appointment to get my cataract next month!  I am so ready to see clear again~

 March 7th: I finished listening to Will Greyson, Will Greyson for book club.  I loved it...such a cute, quick story of love~

 March 8th: Library Day! Tons of new books to read~

 March 9th:  Mardi Gras Mask Making party with our unschooled friends!

 March 10th: Craft Circle with friends! I worked on making St Patrick's Day bags for the kids to collect gold at our upcoming scavenger hunt~

 March 11th:  Filled in the dino feet from our museum adventure with a satin stitch~

March 12th:  Stitch and Bitch at Café of my favorite Monthly meet ups~ 
 March 13th: Pokestop! So much Poke hunting going on~

 March: 14th: Mardi Gras Celebrating with our Homeschool Friends~

 March 15th: A beautiful sunny Spring Day!

 March 16th: We made sushi!

 March 17th: Happy St Patrick's Day!

 March 18th: Early morning Zumba and Breakfast for Tina's birthday!

 March 19th: So much wind!

 March 20th: Whole 30...attempt (we only did a whole 6 LOL) But we will try again soon~

 March 21st: Beauty and the Beast...I loved it!

 March 22nd: Rainy zoo day with friends

 March 23rd: Tons of food prep and cooking for camping

 March 24th: Snow Canyon State Park

 March 25th: First Camping Trip of the season with friends~

 March 26th: Zion National Park

 March 27th: So so many vegetables!

 March 28th: Card making for Rene and Nana...86 and 90 this year!

 March 29th: More eye tests

  March 30th: Added some swirls to the skate (we were supposed to go skating but it got cancelled)

 March 31st: More work on the castle

March: 3 months of Daily Stitches~
 April 1st: Violets...Rowan keeps bringing me so many from the yard.  I love that about Spring!

 April 2nd: Happy #86 to my Grandma Rene...added some more decoration to her card~

 April 3rd: Ninjas for Magic Treehouse Club (so it turned out more like a pirate mask)

 April 4th: Chain stitch

 April 5th:  Colored in the Library books...more books all about Pokémon of course~

 April 6th: Added color to my bday cupcake~

 April 7th: Rowan finally figured out how to use the mouse and play minecraft! Let the gaming days commence~

 April 8th: Added a backstitch border to my Snow Canyon stitch~

 April 9th: Yes, its snowing...really Utah?

 April 10th: Added a backstitch border to Capital Reef~

 April 11th: Added a road to the truck and trailer...the trailer is all ready for its first rental!

 April 12th: Eye surgery time...getting this cataract out...added some healing yellow and blue light around my eye~

 April13: added a border around the cupcake...areas needing some separation in my opinion~

 April 15: Unschoolers Egg Hunt!

 April 15th: More egg hunt fun at a friends annual hunt!

 April 16th: Happy Easter Bunny~

 April 17th: Added a border to frame in 2017~

 April 18th: Added a little cross stitch gold floor to my skate~

April 19th: Headed to hang out with some wild creatures for the day...Willow LOVES the fox~

 April 20th: Added some stitching to my Stitch and Bitch area of the piece for a meetup in Provo with friends~

 April 21st: So many daffodils!

April 22nd: Happy Earth Day!
 April 23rd: I made a little door.  Mara moved into her new place! I took her shopping today to stock her kitchen~

 April 24th: A little design around my Tequila and shot glasses~

 April 25th: A little stitch around Willow's tree~

  April 26th: A divider backstitch around the deer~

April 27th: A little chain stitch filler~
April 28th: outlined the shamrock~
April 29th: Trim around the heart~
April 30th: We had a great day at the Zoo with Aspen and Mallory so I added a little but to my previous zoo stitch~
April: 4 Months of Daily Stitches~
 May 1st: Tulips for the Tulip Festival

 May 2nd: A maypole for our May Faire

May 3rd: 16:8...trying out some fasting to help my adrenals...I discovered fast for 16 hours and eat in an 8 hour window.  not much different than what I normally do but it did seem to help! I did it for a few weeks. 
 May 4th: A heart for the regular Thursday night date night that David and I are so lucky to have thanks to Josh!

 May 5th: A shirt for all the laundry and packing we did getting ready for our big trip to the South~

 May 6th: Airplane to Memphis~

 May 7th: Added some to the 90th bday stitch for the big birthday party!

 May 8th: Spent the day with my grandma Rene and my dad fishing on the lake so I made a little pond and fishing pole~

 May 9th: Spent the day with my dear friend Jane...a J in a circle~

 May 10th: Spent the day at the Memphis Zoo so I added MEM to my previous zoo stitch~

 May 11th: Running stitch filler for the drive from Memphis to Atlanta~

 May 12th: A Beluga whale for our trip to the Georgia Aquarium~

 May 13th: The Walking much sight seeing and touring and fun!

 May 14th: Happy Mother's Day! We spent the day at the Atlanta added some lettering to the zoo stitch

 May 15th: wind for the plane for our trip home~

 May 16th: Added some blue tears to my eye...very traumatic visit...I am so done with all of this eye stuff!

 May 17th: A Joshua Tree for my Joshua's 24th Birthday~

 May 18th: Added some desert sand satin stitching to the tree~

 May 19th: Bunk beds for Rowan! His room was finally complete~

 May 20th: Some seed stitch grass for the maypole~

May 21st: Some flowers for the maypole~
 May 22nd: Rowan and I went to the Aviary to look at birds from the Amazon~

 May 23rd: Added bedding to the bunkbeds~

 May 24th: Added a party hat to the Pokémon for a Pokémon bday party we went to~

 May 25th: A flower~

 May 26th: Added more to the flower~

 May 27th: Made a funky design~

May 28th: Back to the 5 X 5 program~

 May 29th: David turned 45~

 May 30th: Chain stitch filler~

May 31st: French knot fillers~

                                                                 May: 5 Month of Stitches

June 1st: A frame around Josh's Birthday tree~


 June 2nd: A bonnet for This is the Place heritage Park~

 June 3rd: A garage door for our overhaul of the garage~

 June 4th: A tree for all the parks we have been going to~

 June 5th: I Added a sun to the park~

 June 6th: Splashpad water spray~

 June 7th: X frame around the 5X5~


June 8th: A little cross stitch design~ 
 June 9th: We planted a garden~

June 10th: Willow has become a math queen~

June 11th: Summer reading Program has begun!

 June 12th: Magic Treehouse Club, Sabretooth tiger~

June 13th: Added a stitch~


 June 14th: Stitch and Bitch at Panini I have ever had!


 June 15th: Happy Birthday Rowan! I can't believe you are 5! A Rowan tree just or him~

 June 16th: Chomper for Plants vs Zombies...He had an awesome Birthday Party!

 June 17th: Added some grass under the tree~

June 18th: Happy Father's Day! We re off to see Guster play at Red Butte~
 June 19th: Just playing with stitches~

 June 20th: More filler stitching~

 June 21st: Celebrating solstice with a fire and fairy food~

 June 22nd: Added to the Aviary after going with friends for the day~

 June 23rd: Added to the fairy house~

 June 24th: David tore down the back fence~

 June 25th: Filler stitch~

 June 26th: Filler stitch~

 June 27th: Filler stitch~

 June 28th: Filler stitch~

June 29th: Messy Party!

 June 30th: Some little golden stars for finishing 6 months of daily stitches!

June: 6 Months of Daily Stitches
July 1st: Scout Fall Hike
 July 2nd:  Family games and BBQ

 July 3rd: Rowan can swim!

 July 4th: A firework for the festivities
 July 5th: Added some water to the little fish

July 6th: Packing for Lava Hot Springs camping!

 July 7th: Added a lake to Lava for cliff jumping fun!

July 8th: Added some mountains to Lava~
 July 9th: Filler stitch

 July 10th: much sage on all the drives we have been doing

 July 11th" Added to the Discovery Gateway gear...had a blast at the museum with friends

 July 12th: back to Seven Peaks

 July 13th: More splash pad fun

 July 14th: Filler stitch

 July 15th:  Filler stitch

 July 16th: Hike to Stewart Falls

 July 17th: Midnight on the Moon..Magic Treehouse club

 July 18th: Filler stitch

 July 19th: Added more to the falls stitch

 July 20th: More splash pad summer fun

 July 21st: packing for The Tetons!

 July 22nd: Added the snake river

 July 23rd: Added mountains

 July 24th: Added the rafting crew

 July 25th: Added a tree

 July 26th: Filler stitch

 July 27th: Filler Stitch
 July 28th: Happy Anniversary...27 years

 July 29th: Hiking Lake Blanch
 July 30th: Filler Stitch

July 31st: More seven peaks fun
July: 7 Months of Daily Stitches~
 August 1st: Filler Stitch

 August 2nd: Dentist~

 August 3rd: Filler Stitch

 August 4th: Filler Stitch

August 5th: Purple star filler stitch

 August 6th: Not Back to School Camp

 August 7th: A Dolphin for Dolphins at Daybreak Book Club

 August 8th: Filler Stitch

 August 9th: Filler Stitch

 August 10th: Filler Stitch

 August 11th: I went Keto

 August 12th: Started ordering and getting supplies and  stuff for My Tech High!

 August 13th: Hikes Timpanogas Cave

 August 14th: Filler Stitch

  August 15th: Lagoon!

 August 16th: Nicu Reunion

 August 17th: A heart for the NICU

 August 18th: Rowan's Homecoming Day! 5 years!

 August 19th: Filler Stitch

 August 20th: Drove to Wyoming for the Total Solar Eclipse!

 August 21st: Saw the Total Solar Eclipse and it was such an AMAZING experience!

 August 22nd: Filler Stitch

 August 23rd: Play!

 August 24th: Filler Stitch

August 25th: Filler Stitch
August 26th: Mara's tree for #22! 
 August 27th: Some Mara grass under the Mara tree

 August 28th: Filler Stitch

 August 29th: Rowan starts Spanish!

 August 30th: Rowan Starts Let's Play Music!

August 31st: Willow starts Portrait Drawing!

August: 8 Months of Daily Stitches~
 September 1st: Stitch

 September 2nd: Uinta's Hike

 September 3rd: Waterfall

 September 4th: Stitch

 September 5th: My kids started school at Sego Lily

 September 6th: Stitch

 September 7th: Top Golf Fun!

 September 8th: Silver Lake Hike

 September 9th: Heart

 September 10th: The Cabin

 September 11th: Mamas Retreat

 September 12th: Stitch

 September 13th: Fair Fun

 September 14th: Sansa's Bonding Pouch

 September 15th: Stitch

September 16th: Gymnastics Fun
 September 17th: Juniper
 September 18th: Maggie
 September 19th: Stitch

 September 20th: Stitch

 September 21st: Asha

September 22nd: Fall Leaves

 September 23rd: Stitch

 September 24th: Stitch

 September 25th: Stitch embellishment

 September 26th: Spiral Stitch

 September 27th: Stitch


 September 28th: Stitch

September 29th: Stitch

 September: 30th: Dragon for Michaelmas

 September: 9 Months of Stitches

October 1st: Stitch
 October 2nd: stitch

 October 3rd: stitch

 October 4th: stitch

 October 5th: Cross E Ranch

 October 6th: Book Club...Ghost Town at Sundown

 October 7th: Stitch

 October 8th: Fall colors in the mountains

 October 9th: stitch

 October 10th: Cornbellys

 October 11th: stitch

 October 12th: stitch

 October 13th: Utah to California

 October 14th: The beach!

 October 15th: Disneyland

 October 16th: California Adventure

 October 17th: The beach

 October 18th: Disneyland

 October 19th: The beach

 October 20th: stitch

 October 21st: stitch

 October 22nd: stitch

October 23rd: Haunted Aquarium
 October 24th: stitch

 October 25th: Wheeler Farm pumpkin patch

 October 26th: Carving jack o lanterns with the family

 October 27th: Stitch

 October 28th: Bats for Halloween fun

 October 29th:  stitch

 October 30th: Stitch

 October 31st: Happy Halloween!
October: 10 months of Daily Stitches
 Nov 1st:  Red Stitch
 Nov 2nd:  Yellow Stitch

 Nov 3rd: Triangle Stitch

 Nov 4th:  French knots Stitch

Nov 5th: Stranger Things

 Nov 6th: Stitch around Stranger Things

 Nov 7th: Red French knots Stitch

 Nov 8th: Spiral Stitch
 Nov 9th: Thankful Leaf

 Nov 10th: Dino Zoo

 Nov 11th: Stitch

 Nov 12th: Martinmas lantern

 Nov 13th: Brown stitch

 Nov 14th: Yellow Stitch

 Nov 15th: Harry Potter wand
 Nov 16th: Mama love hearts

 Nov 17th: Blue stitches

 Nov 18th: Sansa pouch sewing

 Nov 19th: Story time book

 Nov 20th: Curiosity wheel

 Nov 21st:  Skateboard for the skatepark

 Nov 22nd: Happy Thanksgiving Day!

 Nov 23rd: blue stitches

 Nov 24th: leaf fill in

 Nov 25th: Needle felting wool for ornament project

 Nov 26th: Green Stitch

 Nov 27th: Yellow star

 Nov 28th:  Purple spiral

 Nov 29th: orange zig zag running stitch

 Nov 30th: Ho Ho Ho! time to celebrate the Holidays~

                                                          November: 11 Months of Daily Stitches
( so I realized after I was 11 days into December that I didn't take a November Picture so here is November plus 11 stitches for December~

 Dec 1st: Gnomefest!

 Dec 2nd: Advent spiral

 Dec 3rd: Blue zig zag stitch

 Dec 4th: teal stitch

Dec 5th: Luminaria

 Dec 6th: St Nicholas shoes

 Dec 7th:  Science show at the U...E=MC2

 Dec 8th:  Green stitch

 Dec 9th: Brown filler stitch

 Dec 10th: Zoo Lights

 Dec 11th: Blue Stitches

 Dec 12th: Blue zig zag stitches

 Dec 13th: Pink French knots

 Dec 14th: red x's

 Dec 15th: Light green stitch

 Dec 16th: Blue Stitches

 Dec 17th: Sun


 Dec 18th: Star

 Dec 19th: Polar Bear

 Dec 20th: Light Saber for The Last Jedi movie

 Dec 21st: Orange chain

 Dec 22nd: Blue spirals for Solstice~

 Dec 23rd: Green x's~

 Dec 24th: Green dashes~

 Dec 25th: Neighbor gifts~

 Dec 26th: Christmas Tree~

 Dec 27th: Orange stitch~
 Dec 28th: Yellow star~

 Dec 29th: Red stitch~

 Dec 30th: Grey French knots~

 Dec 31st: green triangles~

December: 12 Months of Daily Stitches.
Finished. While I did find a lot of joy in doing this project, by May/Juneish it was something I had to October I was over it! I would work on it in spurts, sometimes daily, but mostly in spurts, doing a stitch for each day. I finished early because we have been so so sick and I have been on the couch with the kids watching all the Marvel Movies.  This is a great project while sitting and watching a movie.  I am very, very happy with the finished product! Although 2017 was a hard year in many ways, when I look at this I see all the great times we had!  I need to get a frame and hang it.  I have decided to make an I Spy game out of it for Rowan with a list of things to find on cards.  He will love it!
Happy Stitching.  You will find me knitting now~

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