Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Weekend Magic

 Lots of crafting going on around here.  Learning to use a sewing machine to make pajama pants...making tiny ones first to practice~
 And Whitney and I continued our doll making adventure.  We will be finished we these by the end of the month!
 Tina made a headband too!

We crafted late, late into the night and the kids began to crash around us~

I was also working on some doll repair...Josh's doll "Dinosaur" needed new hair~
 Lunch out with this monkey.  He has such a funny personality~

 I am sure our server loved his crayon shavings...but when you take 20 min to come back and give us the check the kid needs to be entertained~
 Then there was carpet had been way too long! I also remember why I loathe carpet...

 And I went through pictures...I can't believe how fast his hair has grown.   I was thinking it was not growing but it is really long compared to this summer! So cute...Pokehunting fun!
There has been a lot of pokehunting lately too...Rowan has been coming with me on my walks and catching away~ we are excited for the release of Generation 2!

And I also went though videos...Rowan singing his Halloween song~

It's a really good life~

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