Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Snowman

 Mama was sick...he wanted me to build it with him all day...I just couldn't.  I hate days like that!  But luckily he has the best dad ever and he got right to work in the dark even to help him complete his masterpiece~

Wishing for more snow for the Holidays!

Welcome Peanut

Willow has a new Peanut the Guinea pig.  He is less than a year old and he and Ozzie have become great friends!

Saturday, November 26, 2016


 We had a lovely Day of Thanks with this crew~
 Mother Nature blessed us with snow~
 And we spent the day cooking, eating and playing games~
 David made his famous caramel corn...

The table was set~

The chef and his masterpiece~

 Aspen and his token piece of turkey...and his 2 rolls~
 My monkey~
 David did well.  Everything was AMAZING~

Even great for wearing~

 Time for more games~
 Joking Hazard~
 And Cards Against Humanity~
 So much fun!

 And silly Snap Chat filters~
 I am so Thankful for my family~

Radical Unschoolers Play: Birthday Park Day

Celebrating these two turning 6 on the same day! Happy Birthday Adrian and Nixon~
 Soaking in the last warm days of fall~

 Tree forts~




 So much spinning~

 Up in trees~


 More and more spinning~



Another great day to be an unschooler~

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