Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Weekend

Saturday morning Soccer game...well soccer game watching...This is so not Rowan's thing.  He sure looks cute in that uniform but he is having nothing to do with those silly games. He spent the game sitting on David's lap happily watching.  
 Saturday night BBQ with great friends included a chocolate fountain pre dinner extravaganza!
 Snakes and chickens to be held and loved~
 Steaks, chicken and turkey burgers~
 Climbing, jumping and running of course~

Such an awesome night of great food, great conversation and fun games and not many pictures on my part.  Thanks for having us our Tina and Jay~

Sunday morning pancakes with my mama friends at Penny Anns Cafe.  We have such a great group for our Mom adventures...we do breakfasts, dinners, book club, stitch and bitch and cards against humanity.  I really love our community of Unschooling Mamas and it's always nice to get a way for a little while and talk and laugh~
 Then Josh held an event that he likes to do on occasion where he and his D and D club along with David (and this time Willow) go to Chuck a Rama and then go see a movie...Chuck and Chill as they like to call it.  Let's just say its an interesting thing when you leave the "H" out of chuck and invite everyone to your Cuck and Chill! Lot's of laughs were had over that one!  The movie of choice this time was The Magnificent 7...
While David, Josh and Willow were off for the afternoon, Rowan says "can we go get a taco please" Can't turn that down! off to get tacos we went...even though I was still very full from my pancake breakfast!  We also went shopping and I got him an entire wardrobe for under $70 at Kohl's! Gotta love their sales.  I can't believe he has gotten so big that he is now in the boys section and not the toddler section.  He can still wear 4T pants...but not for long! I ended up getting him 4 slims in pants and size 5 in shirts from the boys dept! He is growing so fast!

The house is full of Halloween magic.  I so love this time of year~

It's a good life~

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