Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Monday, October 10, 2016

Salt Lake Unschoolers: Camping Goblin Valley


Four fun filled days with these awesome people! Its such a great life~

On our way to camp at Goblin Valley State Park~

Lunch stop in Green River at Ray's Tavern~
Trying something was OK...I wouldn't go there again, but it was fun to go try out~

Then we made it to our usual spot on the BLM land outside of the state park~

One of our favorite places in the world~

Willow took him exploring while we set up camp~


I sure love these two~

The kids had an amazing time running free, digging, creating worlds for their dinos and tracks for their cars~

It was just us and the Mc Neil's for the night.  We went a day early so we could secure a good spot for the group.  There were 31 of us camping this time!

Sunset in the desert is like nothing else~
Foil pack dinner~
Yes we have and RV with a stove, oven, grill and microwave but it's still fun to cook in the fire!
They turned out really great~
And then cinnamon snakes for dessert~

Willow captured some great night sky shots.  I love being in the desert at night.  It is absolutely gorgeous~

Good night~
Day two and we were up and ready for friends to arrive!

Lots of climbing on the walls around our campsite~
These two were up with me in the morning so we climbed as high as we could to check out the views~

Desert sun~
This is where we usually camp, but our trailer can't get up the hill.  Luckily we were able to get the area right next to it and our tent camping friends could be here.  So many great memories in this spot.  I can see my older kids climbing and my dogs running up the wall.  I am so happy that we have been able to make such great memories here for the last 13 years!

Desert flowers~


Having fun in the walls~

I never knew how much I loved the desert.  I would say it's pretty equal with my love for the ocean~

The hike down from the wall~
Can you spot David?
The kids had fun driving their cars off the cliffs~

I take pics of these every year.  They look down over our site.  They seem so fragile to me and I wonder if a time will come when we go to camp and they have fallen~
Lots and lots of digging~

And rolling in the sand~

Happy kids~

We needed to go into Hanksville, so some us headed there for lunch and supplies~

You have to go in the store built into the side of the mountain!
And we stopped for lunch was so good~
Even Bentley though the water was amazing~
The face~
Cool kids~

I love this group of people~

Protecting the cactus they found~

Sweet one~
Back to the campsite to play~

So much fun!
And have a fire~

More amazing night sky~

During the night the rest of our friends arrived.  Unfortunately, one of our families got stuck! They were driving their RV and the sand just gave way leaving their tires submerged and the rear of the RV in the road.  The guys tried everything they could to get them out but they had to sleep stuck there for the night~


 The next morning the people across the way came over to help and they were all able to get enough rocks under the tire to give just enough leverage to get them out!

 There was lots of cheering going on!

Time to go! I swear every time I turned around Rowan only had one shoe on~

 Off to the park for the day~

 Family shots~


The Valley of the Goblins~

 One happy kid~

I want say much about this one but visually I am sure you will get the idea~

 After exploring the Goblins we had a picnic and rested for a while...Then it was off to the Goblin's Lair~

 Its about a mile and half hike to the mouth of the cave~
 The 3 Sisters~

 Willow on cliffs~

 "Yes! this is what I was waiting for" he says~

 Hiking the river bed~

 Drawing humans and monsters in the sand~

 Do you see the Goblin's face?

 You enter the cave at his chin~

 These kids did awesome going up~

 Figuring out how to get them down~
It went really smoothly~

 Group shot in the cave~

 Once inside you can go down even farther if you dare~
 Looking up~

 Time to head out~

 David stayed behind to make sure we got everyone!
 Tine for the descent~
 Everyone made it down safely and  then we headed back to the campsite for dinner~


 There is that awesome sunset again~

 So much beauty in the desert~

 The views here are amazing~


Family shot~

 It was such a great day! Some of our friends headed out to go to Moab for skydiving! And the rest of us headed back to camp for dinner and a fire~

 The next day some of the group headed out early to get home at a decent hour or to go explore Capital Reef and the rest of us headed to Little Wild Horse Canyon for some hiking~
 After hanging out around the campsite for a while longer~

 This is a pretty awesome day when David and I are older and sans kids we are gonna do the 8 mile loop instead of in and out like we have always done~

 Gotta have sticks for hiking~

 Hitching a ride in the tula~

 The trees on this hike are so amazing~

 The call to be climbed~

 Mud kid~

 It's a bit of a climb to get down to the canyon but nothing like the cave~
 And once in the slot canyon there are so many cool things to climb on and hide out in~

 Can you spot the lizard?





This kid hiked back to the truck barefoot almost the entire way~

 This trip wrapped up our summer of fun camping adventures.  This was trip number 5 for this group. We may try to squeeze in one more trip next month if the calendars all line up,  We re already talking about next year though and all the fun to be had. We are so fortunate to have such great friends~

Until Next Time~

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