Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Cabin Weekend

We spent the weekend at the cabin with some of our dearest friends~
 Lots of ATV play~

 This kid loves it up there~
 Josh and his friend Preston came too~

 Sweet baby Bentley~
 Tons of game play~
 And nerf wars~

 Mama walks~

 The D and D crew making character sheets for the Dungeon Josh took us through~
 Big men and their tiny matching grills~

 We corrupted these two enough to join us in Cards Against Humanity...and it was SO fun!
 The Breakfast crew~

 Heading to the park~
 Mechanics at work~

 Park play~

 Juniper just walked right off the dock into the pond...silly dog~

 Cat Tails~

 Cat Tail explosions~

 Snowing cat tails~


 They got it running...So funny that David used to pick me up on that bike when we were dating all those years ago~

 A ride with the little two~

 Gaming for the little guys too~
 Xbox and Wii~

 Boxing and Bowling fun~

 Shish K Bob Station~
 Cool Girl and her tiny grill~
 We asked Josh to start a fire...
 D and D!
 Dungeon Master Extraordinaire~
 Happy People...Das the Barbarian~
 Linda the Warlock~
 Couple shots~


 I think we were just a bit too much for him~

 Watching from above~
 Dancing time!

 We stayed up until 5:30 am...we are not 20 was worth it much fun!!
 But the next day...
Willow tried out the motorcycle and well, never again without a helmet and full body gear and NO gravel.  I seriously thought she was dead or at the least seriously hurt...But she wants to try again and get it down...

It was another perfect weekend with awesome people that we are so lucky to call friends.  Can't wait till our next adventure!

Life is so good~

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