Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Bikes, Fish and Food LOL

 So we had been trying to have a biking day and a series of events caused us to have to move it all around.  But this is the story of a day that you just had to laugh and keep laughing cause seriously...I can't make this shit up!  So see those bikes on that roof? Yeah I put those up there...let me just say Willow's beach cruiser weighs like a million lbs.  NEVER again will I put bikes on my roof! My car is way too tall and well I am too short and old to be dealing with it.  I had to bring our kitchen stool to stand on to life them up there... so the insanity that went on in my driveway with me screaming every obscene word I could think of and Willow trying to was chaos LOL I am sure my neighbors loved me that morning.  It didn't help that I had spent the morning dealing with group drama...always the best LOL  See I am laughing!
 But we got the bikes on and the carriage for Rowan in the back of the car and headed to Lehi to meet our friends at Cabela's.  Our first adventure was to walk around in Cabela's and check out their aquarium and animal displays~
 There was some fish feeding~
 And a weird fish that was like scratching its chin on the rock with its head out of the water~
 And playing around~
 And a shooting range~

 Talking moose~
 And jackalopes~
 And lots of animals we had never heard off like "Lord Eland" that we had to look up on google~
 Dress up~
 Cat fish friends~
 And then it was time for the long awaited bike ride.  Now, keep in mind we are in Lehi...this is not some shady part of Utah LOL... We get out to start setting up bikes and Tina notices someone took her bike seat! Seriously, who takes a bike seat?? So we try to come up with plan scooters, some of us could walk but I didn't bring Rowans strider or a the wagon or the stroller and he cant make this 6 mile trip we are planning...and Tina had taken her scooter out of the we decided to makeshift a seat using some blankets from my car LOL See we are laughing~
 And we head out of the parking lot to find the trail that states on the website it is accessible from the Cabela's parking lot.  LOL  No...we had to walk up that hill through the goatheads to get up to the trail~
 Oh and this...this has a whole story in itself...So we have this tandem bike that someone gave us when Willow was born.  It has been hanging in our garage unused because Willow learned to ride really young and never used we go to put it on my bike and it was missing the part that hooks it in so we look online and the company that made it went out of business. So...David tried to make one LOL  It did not work at all and freaked Rowan out. So my dear friend Erin told me she had one in her garage and I could have it.  So we picked it up and the next day we go to hook it on and it was missing that same part LOL Luckily they still made this one so we picked up the part and it was successful...however, I did not have the part before this bike ride so we got this trailer...Brand new form walmart...this is what I get for buying anything from Walmart.  I go to put Rowan in for the ride and the zipper breaks LOL So the screen got shoved behind him...Don't worry it was returned that night! We don't need this since he loves the tandem but wow...craziness~
 Brave, brave Tina on her makeshift seat.  She now has thighs of steel~
 So the trail like ended into a sidewalk by a McDonalds and a bunch of construction...we were lost.  We think we saw where it was supposed to go, but we never went more than a mile~
 So we just rode back to the parking lot and took a ton of group shots and I finally got us all in the picture LOL. We actually walked our bikes back up the hill LOL and called it a day! A new trip to a known trail is in the works~
 Then it was to JCW's for dinner...this is where Tina's arm got covered in soda, my tea exploded on my jacket and Rowan...oh my, Rowan got COVERED in fry sauce...I just kept wiping and it wouldn't come off and he really, really wanted to sit right next to Zackary...covered in fry sauce and all~
 Arm wresting and conversations~
We are so lucky to have such great friends to have weird days with where nothing works out like planned but you just laugh it off...cause what else can you do?

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