Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

The State Fair

Off to the fair with our unschooling friends!  $1 to get in as a homeschooler and 2 for 1 wrist band day for the rides~
 We went before the rides opened to check out the animals.  Butterflies and Bees~
 The queen was spotted~
 And sweet littles bunnies~
 Willow was quite happy.  So many animals to love on~
 New baby chicks~
 They want chickens again...
 Twisting wool bracelets~
 Milk drunk piglets~

 She is gonna have a goat one day~
 Nursing babes~

 Time to hit the midway!

 Flying high!


 So fun to have friends at the fair!

 So much laughter~

 I lost count of how many times these guys did the fun houses~

 Big slides~

 Throwing bombs~

Thanks for this one Tina!
 Willow's favorite ride~

 Of course there was funnel cake and pizza and cotton candy and lemonade~
 And cool exhibits~

 And air conditioners to cool off~
 And very unique sights!

 Goats with buckets on their heads~

 And giant squash that look like something out of plants verses zombies~
 Back to see the babies one last time~

 Oh so adorable~

 The back to the rides!


 Big sisters are really cool~

 One last ride before heading home.  It was such a fun day!! Now I feel like Fall is almost here...Something about the fair.  I also just want to curl up and read Charlottes Web and Babe to Rowan.  I think we may do that today~
Another great day be an unschooler~

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