Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sunday at Deer Creek

 Holding onto to these last days of summer~ One more trip to the lake with the waverunners and great friends!
 The waves were crazy from the wind when we arrived but the wind died down and the fun began!
 Lunch time~
 Heading out...look at hose white capped waves!
 Going North was awesome...coming back you were blinded by the spray from every wave.  But it was super fun~
 You can see the fall colors emerging~
 Always fun in the sand~
 And in the trees~

 And definitely always fun at the lake!

 Calm for some fun~

 Love this kid~

 I was glad it calmed down enough for Rowan to go out.  He was so excited!

 Wind swept hair~
 Aww <3 p="">

 The idea of this game was to hit the shovel with your mud ball~
 Koda has style!

 They always won~
 Game face~
 The throw~
 Kite time!

 It's up!


 Love this kid~
 We have great friends.  So fun to go on adventures with them~

 Since we had to drive home through Heber, the request was made to stop for Gelato and Spinny fries at Spin Café...and the request was granted~
It really is an awesome life~

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