Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Salt Lake Unschoolers: Soaking, Spirals and Shenanigans


We spent an incredible weekend with friends welcoming Fall in style~
We got to Crystal hot Springs on Friday the the rain and COLD! We quickly set up camp and headed over to meet friends to soak in the Fall rain~

Our site for the weekend~

When we woke up the mountain tops were covered in snow~

We found out after our soak that the propane regulator on our trailer was not working, which meant no cooking, no hot water and no wasn't a big deal for this trip thankfully but the trailer is going in on Monday to get fixed for our upcoming adventure!  So, with no breakfast available for us, we headed to The Golden Spike Grill for "brunch" with friends~

It was quite tasty~

Then the caravan headed out to the Spiral Jetty for an afternoon of exploration~
Oh the way, we saw wild horses!

Willow's favorite~

Willow called out to her and she looked right at her~

And she even gave her a smile of sorts~

I am slowly falling in love with the great salt lake...its never been my favorite place to go but it is growing on me~


When we got to the Jetty the kids spotted this giant rat snake!

 It was quite beautiful out there~

Our silly group of friends ( minus a few)


Looking for crystals~

Looks like ice but it is salt!
These guys had fun splashing in the puddles~
I love how the sky and water blend together~
And it looks like the mountains are just floating~

Amazing salt crystals~


Colors too~

Castles to be built~
Willow's has survived so far!

"this one looks like a heart"
The dead creatures we encountered were almost frozen by the salt~
And the foam!
The colors are so breathtaking~



"It's bubble island!"


Preserved pelican~
Water like glass~

Foam covered kid~


Such a cool place.  I am so glad we made the trip out!

Such a perfect day after the crazy rain and even tornadoes we had!

On our way back to the hot springs, we stopped in at The Golden Spike Historical site~
We got there right in time to see the moving of the trains~
This is the spot where the Transcontinental railroad met the Pacific railroad~


It was quite loud!

Only 20 states existed at the time that the railroad was joined and Utah was territory~

Some of us~
"don't do it!" Rowan was saying hahaha As us parents were like "hey, lay down on the railroad tracks and we will take your picture~

Family shot~

Checking out the inside~

Then we headed for dinner....right back to where we have brunch...this time it was burritos, burgers and milkshakes~
It was so good~

The back to the hot springs to soak and hang out with the group.  The color on the mountains was just breathtaking~
soaking and swimming time~

So excited!
Ahhh, relaxation~


I love this guy~
Crazy teens~
We barely saw them as they were on the waterslides most of the night~

Sleepy baby~

We closed down the pools both nights! Such a fun way to camp~
Sunday was just a pack up and leave...a little bit of play and bike riding too~
Rowan and I spotted this guy in the river behind our spot~ 
Then it was stop for breakfast with friends in Brigham City.  They all wanted to sit together~

Its such a great life.  Utah is truly one of the coolest places to live.  We are so fortunate that we get to explore it all with such great friends.  I love the memories we are making~

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