Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Littles Dinosaur Egg Hunt

 Such a beautiful day at the park~
 One of those wonderful end of summer days~
 Awesome friends to hang out with~
 and explore new places with~

 Buddies.  Thank you Whitney for capturing this~
Stick forts in the forest~

 Wildlife friends visiting~
 Long afternoon chats~
 And Dinosaur eggs to be found and hatched!
 Such a fun day today with our group!  I cannot express how happy I am to have the parks back now that school in back in session~
 A childhood full of wonderment and play~

 We found eggs!
 Intently watching them explode~
 These kids are all so awesome~
 They were so excited and so into the dinosaur eggs~


 So much running~

 There were several memes going around on Facebook this last week about home education programs for littles that had kids excited that AFTER they worked, they could play all day.  And how Kindergarten readiness today means already reading and writing...or in other words, stealing play from children.  Play IS the work of childhood.  We are seeing the aftermath of stealing this play already.  I will do everything in my power to ensure that it is not stolen from my kids~

 I love the imaginative play these kids come up with~

 And the super cool parks all over Salt Lake City~
 Kids in in with sticks~

 Willow found a friend and brought him over to share with the group~

 He was a pretty laid back snake~

 Of course now that we are home its researching snake breeds, lists of items needed and budgeting so she can get her own.  And tonight it is rearrange the bedroom to make room for one more enclosure.  Its a zoo in there for sure! Unschooling~

 There were also found treasures~

 So many fun games~

 And adorable cherubs watching on~
 High flying swings~

 Snacks to share~

Life is amazing when you are an unschooler~

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