Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Homeschool Day at This is the Place Heritage Park

Out today with lovely people checking out This is the Place Heritage Park for their Homeschool Day~
 Trying to milk cows~

 Lots of time in the petting farm~
 Oh how she wants a goat~
 And he wants chickens...again~

 Of course there was lots of Pokémon Go action~

 And a stop in for delicious donuts.  Rowan had his dipped in chocolate~

 Lots of train riding~
 Rare gem exploration~

 And panning for gold~

 Arrowhead necklace making~

 Oh how I love this kid~
 Exploring Hogan's~
 And Teepees~
 And setting canoes off to race~

 Adorable babies~

 Willow had a custom bracelet made~
Life is so so good being an unschooler~


Stephanie said...

Was it a leather bracelet?
Some new people I don't know, I see.
Saw Whitney, (in passing, when we were on the train) but missed you!

Teri said...

Yes! She loves having those made :) They are all Walking Dead themed of course ;) Let's see, it was Tina, Whitney, Lindsey, Lyndsay and Mimi. I'm so sad we missed you guys! Its been too long <3

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