Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Farewell Summer~ Antelope Island State Park

We spent our last day of summer fun with great friends exploring Antelope Island State Park~

Free roaming and rolling bison~

We hung out at the Visitor Center to wait for our group to arrive~

 Checking out the Brine shrimp~
 And the salt~
And he, like his dad and brother Josh, was all about the map~
Friends arrived and we went out to play~

And laugh~
And climb~

Then we headed to the beach~
Willow was on a quest to collect some brine shrimp to look at under the microscope~
The water was low so we hiked out across the salty sand~
The water is so interesting at the Great Salt Lake.  Such a high salt content that only the brine shrimp can survive~


These guys were soaked and salty~

He dipped his head into the lake and had nice crusty hair from the salt~

Then we had some snacks and great conversations~
After snacking, we headed to the south end of the island to check out the ranch~

Lots of cool old things on the ranch~

The fall colors are showing themselves on the mountains~
The kids had fun roping the "cow" and each other~
I so love these two~

Trying to pump the water~

He kept knocking on doors hoping someone would answer~

Tug of war~


Then they really got Zack~

They were smelling all the flowers in the garden~

Time to head home, but not before we load the car down with a ton of rocks~

the Bison were making their way across the road~

Such a fun crew!




Love this life so much~

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