Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, September 30, 2016

Adventure Club: Peach Picking~


 Today we went apple picking with friends~

 But there weren't many apples to be had so we picked peached instead~

 Trees to climb~

 Buckets to fill~

 Looking for the perfect one~

 So happy with his finds~

 There were a few plums too~
 And playground fun too~

 and of course eating~

 Great friends~
 Happy teens~

Another great day being an Unschooler~

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Train to the Treehouse

Off to Ogden for the day with our unschooling friends~
 We love to take the train~
 Hugs all around~
 Pok√©mon go~
 These kids are so awesome~
 Adorable little ones~

 We made it to Ogden!
 Had to snap the picture~
 We walked over to the Lucky Slice for some pizza for lunch.  It's on Historic 25th street.  Such a cool part of Ogden~
 Perfect day for our trip~
 Snowboard bench~


 The stroller brigade~

 These two spent the entire afternoon hanging out and people watching and chatting and phones...Willow said it was an awesome day and she wants to do it again~
 While they hung out, the rest of us headed to The Treehouse Museum for an afternoon of fun~
 This museum is awesome~
 They had a new China exhibit and the kids thought it was great~
 They shopped at the market...

 And drove their goods home on their moped to make their feast~
 There were cows to milk~
 And baby pandas to feed~

 Maps to explore~
 And cowboys to be~

 Castles to build~

 "I am the king"~

 Chess to play~
 Boats to sail~
 Music to play~

 Dinosaurs of course!
 And the adorable Diner, where I was served quite the feast~

 Rowan's "burger"~

 This museum is pretty awesome~
 Games to play~
 Crafts to make~

 Chinese restaurants~

Where I was served yet another feast~

 Cool signs to be made...this one is for his room~


 And replicas of the train we just saw at the Golden Spike!
 Pikachu! So much excitement and hugging~
 And Totoro and the Catbus too~
 Catching sea life~
 And new treasures to take home~ 

It was so much fun! Can't wait to go back!
 Then we went for Ice Cream~
 Zackary and Willow met up with us there~
 Rainbow sherbert~
 Delicious cones~


 Then it was a run for the train and we made it just in time!

 Happy little one~

When we got back to the car, I was unloading the stroller and smiling at the fact that it was full of acorns and lavender and Chinese lanterns and handmade signs that said "I love you" and unfinished lemonade and ice cream cone wrappers. The day didn't end there for Willow, she and Zackary were able to come to our house and play video games into the night.  Josh was having his D and D club and while we were eating dinner they were filing through the house and I looked at David and I said "sometimes I feel like I live in a frat house!"  Its so great to be able to have all of these moments and allow our kids to grow up following their interests.  As David left to take Zackary home, he told Willow that our family is so cool...that we are so real and we don't talk to each other like family, that we talk to each other like friends.  I think that is a HUGE compliment and I am so happy to call my kids friends.  As Rowan was falling asleep he was naming all of his friends (including me) and said "I love everyone so much and I will love them all forever"~

Another great day to be an unschooler.  I wouldn't trade this life for the world~

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