Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Oregon Bound

We left Utah for an epic trip across Oregon that included dropping Willow off at Not Back to School Camp~

Lots of Pokémon Go along the way~

Crossed the Salt Flats~
I finished this headband for Willow just in time for camp~

 "Mom, I love when we travel and we go places we have never been before"  me too little one, me too~
We crossed Nevada and made our way into Oregon~

At times the road was terrifying.  This does not do it justice but we were all a bit freaked by this twisting turning road with a cliff on one side and an 8% downgrade the whole way down.  Towing a 32 ft trailer made it even more fun!

We made it to our first stop, Lakeview Oregon~

Dinner shopping...there was a theme in this town with this cowboy~

We stayed on this beautiful 6000 acre ranch for the night~

The cows mooing lulled us to sleep~

Willow was really hoping to love on a cow but they were too far off in the field~
Dinner of champions~

Then zoobs and a movie before bed for a very wired kid~
The next day started off bright and early.  We had to go into town for gas and supplies and so we left the trailer and went to get some breakfast~

Our site~

Scenes from around the ranch~

Cows were everywhere~

We had breakfast at this diner where they serve you giant glasses of extremely watered down orange juice. The food was ok but it was a pokestop and a gym so we took the gym and places a lure and had a great time playing while eating~

Then Rowan and I wandered around before getting back in the truck~

So many murals in this town~

time to head back and get the trailer and head to stop number 2~
Such a beautiful property~

Rowan had fun playing while we loaded up~

Then we were off to Medford~

Klamath Lake is huge.  Like really huge and beautiful.  We stopped for a break along the way~

 They found a dead snake to check out~
 Rock throwing~
 Then we made it to Medford just in time to drop the trailer at our site and get Willow off to Not Back to School Camp~
Walking with her advisor to her cabin.  She was really nervous but really excited~

 Little cabins up in the trees.  The camp is really beautiful~
 Even little man was helping~
 Setting up her spot~
 Taking a ride back down to registration~

Playing while waiting for tours and parents Q and A~

 Rowan was pretty excited.  I am sure one day he will be going to camp here~

 Slack line bouncing~


 Friends from Utah! It was great for her to see some familiar faces~
Then it was time for us to go and leave Willow to her week of fun.  I was so happy that two girls came up and asked her if it was her first time at camp and got her talking.  She looked over at me and whispered :you can go" with a smile.  I cannot wait to hear about the week!

 Then we drove over to this old bridge not far from the camp that was built in the 1800's  It doesn't go anywhere but it was still cool to look at~

 Dinner in Medford at Jackson Creek Pizza.  Thanks for the recommend Tickety Boo!
More Poke hunting of course! Gotta get those new to us Oregon ones~

Then back to camp where Rowan insisted on swimming even though it was quite cold~
He didn't last long~

Time to go to bed so we can get ready for our 3rd day of adventures! Better Nate than Lever here we come!
 Its a good life~

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