Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Gold Beach: Tide Pooling and Beach Play

A perfect morning spent tide pooling at Myers Creek Beach~ 
He was so excited! 

Tons of crab remains on this beach~

Of course castle building is always in order~

And plenty of running free~

Such a happy kid~
Shell collecting~

Running from the waves~

I'm being an octonaut~


Helping him home~



Such a cool beach~



Silly family~

Fogs rolling back in...time for lunch~

Sunny on one side and foggy on the other~

Yummy place to eat if you ever find yourself in Gold Beach~

Then the fog parted and we headed to Gold Beach for an afternoon of play~

Oh how we love the ocean~


Oh this kid~


This is who I am married too~
Sea weed!

Castle demolish~
Huge waves! 

So amazing~

Oh how I love this kid~

Sand monster~


Back to camp for some dinner and playing~
So fun to strider around the campground~

Such a cute place~



Best slide ever~

So much love~

We would camp here again~

That evening we hiked out to Otter Point~

So beautiful~

But also terrifying for me...drop offs to your death and a kid that likes to run~

This doesn't do it justice.  It was so high!

We love you Oregon! Hope to visit again soon~

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