Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Beach Life

Our morning started with blackberry picking while Dad was busy getting the trailer ready to go~
I so love how the blackberry bramble just grows everywhere here~

Nothing like fresh blackberries for breakfast~

We brought Dad back a snack for the road~

Then we made our way to the coast! Our site in Waldport for a couple of days.  The path to the beach is just on the other side of that cabin.  This is a great spot.  I am digging the KOA lifestyle.  I wasn't sure since everyone is basically side by side but its been pretty awesome so far.  I have seen a couple of full timing families and man I so want that one day.  I'm working on it~

Once we set up camp we headed into Newport for some clam chowder at Mo's.  First stop though, a visit with the sea lions~

One of our favorite spots in Oregon~

I could watch them all day~

"Hear the cry of my people!"

Rowan thought they were pretty awesome~
Newport is so beautiful~
So many great memories here!

And oh how we love Mo's!

Then we headed down to the beach just as the fog was rolling in~

So much joy~

I love adventuring with this kid~

A cold and windy day at the beach~

And I am so madly in love with this guy~


Life is just so, so good~

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