Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

At the Zoo with Salt Lake Unschoolers


 Today was such a fun day at the zoo!
 Lazy lions~
 The babies are getting so big!

 Gorilla love~

 I thought Willow was going to die when she saw him...

 Seriously the cutest baby ever~
 Zuri is almost as big as her mama~
 Friends arrived and it was all about pokemon Go!

 We checked out the bird show~

 And played at the play area and splash pad~

 Great conversations~

 Soaking wet joy~

 It was such a hot day! Getting soaked felt great~

 We gathered most in the nest for a group shot~
 We caught Squirrtle! He has been elusive for us~

Baby Willow...she is already 8 ft tall~

Rowan and I had the train to ourselves~

Life is good being an Unschooler~

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Salt Lake Unschoolers: Camping Rockport Reservior State Park

We had such a great weekend at the lake!
 So much beauty in Utah~
It was a fabulous weekend camping with friends.  This time we headed to Rockport Reservoir State Park for some fun at the lake.  We arrived on Friday evening, just in time to set up camp, visit the lake and head over with the group for a campfire~
 Laser nerf gun wars on the beach at sunset.  Who could ask for more~
 Celebrating 4 with this sweet guy~

We had a great night around the campfire! Wish I had taken more pictures! We lost a lot from a group the next morning due to the cold night. We were sad to see them go but who wants to spend the day at the lake after not sleeping and freezing all night! We have many more fun adventures planned with them and we can't wait~

 Our day started bright and early with some of the guys launching the wave runners and then David hurrying back to take Rowan to Salt Lake for his first soccer game...He was "sort of" excited but once he got there he opted to watch from the sidelines this time around.  I know he is 4 and we totally could have skipped but he is going to miss a lot in Sept and Oct with our other weekend adventures. I'm just not sure our lifestyle supports organized activities like this anymore.  Maybe we can find a league that only plays during the week.  We will have to see how it goes~
 While they were off at soccer the rest of us started playing on the water~
 And oh what fun we had!
 Willow took off and was gone for hours...literally~
 I love these people!
 So much fun!
 I could have stayed out there all day~

 David...aka typical beach dad carrying tons of stuff that may or may not have even been used...this is the 1st photo in the series of "David carrying shit to the beach"~

 Happy Julian~
 One happy girl~


 A Willow sighting meant try and spray her~

 And then there was the mud/sand  beach...These kids were oh so happy to be buried~
 Sweet Bentley~

 David and Rowan got back and joined in the fun~

 Right to the sand castle building~
 And submerging~

 Pulling David on the raft~

 Ride 'em cowboy!
 Mud monster Rowan~

 Yeah..he took a shower before coming into the trailer~

 Time to pull Willow~

 More rides~
 Yep, she flipped...We told the kids "you will go in the lake on this one"~
 The 2nd in the serious of "David Carrying Shit to the Beach"...we ran out of gas in the waverunners so her was kind enough to go get us some.  Having way to much fun!
 Oh my little mud monster.  The great part about this is when it dried and I took him on the wave runner, sitting in front of me, and when we started going fast all of this dirt and sand started blowing into my face from his hair! Oh the memories~


 David's turn~

 Jay's turn~

 Collecting rocks~

 David again~


 Mama and Rowan having fun~

 Dam building~

 Such an incredible day with friends on the beach.  I love this group~
 Time to get cleaned up and have some dinner and a campfire~

 Such cute kids~
 Such a lovely night around the fire, great food, great conversations, games and memories~
 Rescuing swords stuck in trees~
 Roasting marshmallows and hot dogs of course~

And card games as always~

 We woke up and headed to the beach to get in a few hours of play before we had to check out~
 Willow was off~

 And the last in the series of "David Carrying shit to the beach"~
 I love this girl.  She is so adventurous and brave ~
 Flying fast!

 Beach play~


 Julian loved to go for rides~
 This baby is seriously the cutest~

 Looking for treasures~

 Sand castles~
 Flying planes with grandma~


 Going out with Dad~

 Flying fast!
 Oh that hair~
 These two are kindred preemie souls. I see then cracking each other up all the time.  Its a joy to see~
So grateful for this wonderful group of people I get to call friends.  I couldn't ask for a better life~

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