Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Unschooling Family Camp Out: Spruces

Another incredible weekend with these awesome people~ 
The kids had so much fun biking around the campground~

And exploring~
Little buddies~
Our site for the weekend~

Off to find the volleyball court~

Having fun!

These two built some bug houses~

Berry picking~
The Daves~
The cutest bike gang ever~

Sweet Bentley~

Moose sighting! He was in the meadow next to our campsite~

Blue eyed watermelon snacker~
Making a card for Whitney's Birthday~


Blurry fun~

Time to celebrate!


Campfire fun~

Such an awesome first day at Spruces~

Rowan actually slept in his own bed in the trailer! He was so excited when he woke up~
After breakfast we headed up to Brighton to hike to Lake Mary.  We were missing a few that had other commitments but we gained a few that joined us for the hike~

Yep, that's just about how Willow feels about hiking up mountains~

Of course Rowan and Gabe had the luxury of back rides~

Cute buddies taking a break~
Amber is just so awesome~
We took lots of breaks along the way. Its pretty much straight up for a mile or so~
Adorable family~
Yep, I sure love this man and this kid~

Troopers! These kids are quite the hikers~
There was also lots of Pokémon catching along the way!
Brighton from above~
Willow watching the waterfall~
Dog Lake~

Dirt digging~
We made it to the top and had some snacks and great views~


I love these kids~
Little visitors~
Family shots~

 Family selfies~

Dirt throwers~

Lake watching~

Mountain flowers~
Stream splashing~
Heading back~
Little nappers~

Back at the camp.  This is David trying to rest from the hike~

A rousing game of Mancala~

So much fun!

Crazy speed racer kid.  I'm just so glad he didn't hit the rock!

Baby wearing biker~
Lots of sword battles~

Roasting hot dogs and marshmallows~

Fire! What is that?!~

These guys had so much fun playing Nertz into the night~
Glow sticks are always a hit!
Even though we had swarms of biting insane flies, 2 trips to Instacare ( 1 split lip and 1 foot), a kid/car collision (he was fine), a cooking burn, and tons of wildlife trying to get into tents and coolers we had an AMAZING weekend of fun and friendship.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends!

Life is great being an unschooler~

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