Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Turning the Day Around with Pokemon Go

Today started of HORRIFIC. All I will say is I am not a fan of judgmental, stuck up doctors who think they are better than you simply because of their profession. Driving someone to tears is not the sign of a healer. This is why I avoid them like the plague but unfortunately I had to go in for this appointment.   I don't really have many bad days thankfully, but a day with my two youngest, catching Pokémon, having lunch and stopping in at the library turned it all around~
Rowan had lunch with a Rhyhorn!
 Seriously, this kid is a pro.  He catches more than I do!  He got some great ones at City Creek Mall today. Apparently Lush is not to happy with the fact that they spawn outside their business hahaha They had a sign up that said no Pokémon Go playing inside~ They could use it to their advantage...
 A little chocolate stop of course.  English toffee and chocolate coins make everything better~

 And then to the library to turn in his summer reading program for prizes and to load up on more books.  This time he chose a lot of bird books~

Life is truly awesome.  Can't let the bad things get me down when I have such an incredible life~

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