Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Surprising Wolfie

Willow went to CA to visit Wolfie for 2 weeks.  She usually takes a direct flight but she went to a closer airport and they don't do direct from here so she had a 4 hour layover in LA.  Yeah, I know,everyone freaks when they find out that we let her fly alone to LA and sit in the airport for 4 hours but you don't know Willow and well, we trust our kid.

While she was sitting there a man sat down next to her and started talking to her about general stuff.  She described him as 25 maybe 30.  He was getting kick out of Willow and her stories and this crazy thing she does called Unschooling.  Anyway, as they were getting on the plane he asks her if she has money for her trip and she said yes, kind of hesitantly, and he said ok, well here is some more and gives her 300$  She tired to refuse but he insisted and told her to have fun.

Of course when she is relaying this story I am totally freaking out thinking some crazy man was after my kid. He gave Willow his business card and told her to call if she ever needed anything, so I had her text it to us.  David looked him up and he is legit. He is a record producer and he is not 25/30 he is 56! Willow doesn't see age apparently. 

David sent him a note and thanked him for being so kind to Willow and told him if he was ever here to contact us and we would take him to dinner to thank him

I was sad that my gut reaction was "oh my god he is a sex trafficker!" It wasn't just me, every person I tell this story to goes right to kidnapper, insane person etc... I hate that we live in a world where that is the first thought other than wow, what a incredible gift from such a nice person!

Oh this kid and her adventures~

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