Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, June 3, 2016

Mazatlán Days 9 and 10 : Coconuts, Hermit Crabs and Saying Goodbye

Sweet sleeping siblings~

We got up extra early to take a catamaran out to an island and go snorkeling and kayaking~

Unfortunately we were turned away by the harbor master because a huge swell was coming in and the waves were too big~

But we had fun on our boat ride through the marina snacking on fruit.  Rowan was the only one that sort of cared for papaya~
 Back to the Villa for some swimming and playing~

 These two~

Then we headed off to the Mercado for some lunch and shopping~
Early wake up meant a naptime taxi ride for Rowan~

 We had lunch at the Plaza~

 And Rowan was serenaded by a passerby~
 Then we headed off to the Market~

 This is where Willow was pick pocketed~
 While shopping at this shop, someone took her phone from her backpack~

 Luckily it was insured, and actually it was kind of a crappy dying phone anyway so after the initial freak out she realized a new phone would be ok~
We had some fun in the Market~

 Then back to Emerald Bay for dinner and a beach walk~

 Willow kept feeding the cat~
 Such a beautiful sunset~
 Beach combing~
 Yes, he found an empty coconut~

 And then he found another whole one~

 Rowan found crab city.  There were thousands of hermit crabs, big and small crawling around~
 They loved holding them~

It was a great night on the beach~

 Then it was our last day.  We slept in and hung out in bed for a while.  I said I was being pushed off and was going to fall and Rowan said he would hold onto me.  Multitasking Plants vs Zombies and holding onto mom~

 Then we went to brunch at Panchos~

 And took one last walk on the beach in Mazatlán~
 Rowan collected shells~
 Willow collected sand for a project she is working on~

 We will sure miss this place~

 He got freckles~
 Then we walked around a few shops~
 Rowan was fascinated by the marionette.  This wasn't the first time he told someone this but when the storekeeper came out to show him how to use it and asked him if he wanted it Rowan replied "I have no pesos" The man died laughing and told him Papa would buy for him.  The other time we were waiting at Pueblo Bonito Mazatlán to catch the bus back to Emerald Bay and Rowan jumped up on the couch with a lady and she spoke to him with a very heavy accent and all he said was "I have no pesos" She laughed so hard.  I still don't know what she said to him but it had nothing to do with buying anything~
 After shopping we went back to Emerald Bay for some swimming~
 And relaxing~

 And recreating photos~

 Then down to the beach once more to check out crab city~

 Rowan had fun building the crabs a new home~
 And Willow had fun being silly on the beach~

 Then one last swim before Willow and I headed to the spa for facials~

It was such a wonderful day~

 The next morning it was time to say goodbye~

 We left Emerald Bay at 9 am for our noon flight.  Luckily there was a play area for Rowan to run around in~

 Nothing like chicken nachos for breakfast~

 Airport wifi saved her morning~
 And getting a cartoon of yourself done was pretty cool~
 But our flight was over an hour so they had to put us on a different airline and we didn't leave until 2.  It was a long morning in the Mazatlán airport~

 The flight took us to Phoenix where we had to go out of security to get the tickets home.  Then that flight was late too.  At least we had room to stretch out~

Such a great trip.  So happy we could have the whole family together. It's truly a great life~

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