Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, June 3, 2016

Mazatlán: Day 4 Parasailing and More

What an awesome day we had!
Willow and I started our day at the spa with a couple massage~
It was pretty awesome~

Then we headed into town to Pueblo Bonito Mazatlán for some lunch and to play~
Lunch at Cilantros~

Then it was time to Parasail~
Aspen and Willow first in a tandem ride~

Lift off~

Coming in~

Then it was Mara's turn~

Waving goodbye to us all~

Coming in~

I think she loved it~

Aww, poor puffer fish~

Time to hit the pool~

Oh poor Mara and her awful burn~

Jumping in~

He was so proud~


Then we went to the Mega to get groceries for making fish tacos from the fish David and Josh caught yesterday~
Taxi rides are so fun in Mexico~
And he was out.  All the swimming made him nap almost daily.  Just having his siesta~
Back at the Villa to cook and play~

The grill master~

Making chicken quesadillas for the non fish eaters~

They were delicious~
Rowan feasted~
Then we walked to the deli for some ice cream~

On our way home we saw some leaf cutter ants and stopped to watch for a while~
It is truly a lovely life~ 
Videos from the ground~

Rowan jumping in and swimming~

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