Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Such a fun day celebrating our little man turning 4!
 But first we said goodbye to 3~  We made tons and tons of lego gummy candies~
Rowan loved them~

And they were a hit with the kids at the party~

And a bazillion cupcakes~

And then there was our nightly bike ride~
He had to get his seat and handle bar raised.  He just looks so big to me~
Good night 3.  You are quite the year of adventure. As we were getting ready to sleep Rowans voice got all crackly as he was saying how much he was going to miss being 3.  I was already holding back the tears.  I said "you know, you will have so many awesome adventures as a 4 year old!" and he said "yeah, like driving a car?" hahaha yeah, not for a while yet...
Awesome mail from faraway family.  He loves getting cards.  I love how his Great Grandmother addresses the card to Master Rowan Read~ 

Present time~

Yep, this kid loves birds.  He was thrilled with his new Macaw~
And of course legos~

And what a great big brother he has to put together the pirate ship with a book of directions~
Photo time~
He sure loves Bad Cop~

Everything is Awesome!

Yep, he is 4~
Party set up~
We had to set up inside this year due to the crazy wind we were having~
So many legos to eat~

We are ready for guests!

Guests arrive~

So much fun~

Lego construction~
Rescue the mini figure.  They had to melt the ice to get them out~

Or sit on it!


Group shot!

Pinata time~

I could not believe this piñata made it through all the kids~

Willow dealt the final blow~
Then it was time for cupcakes~

Happy Birthday Rowan!

Happy Birthday!

Photo ops!



And ice cream cones~

More friends arrive~




Lego play~

3 future unschooling ladies.  They are so adorable!

It was such a fun party!  Thanks to everyone who came and helped us celebrate :) Rowan hasn't stopped talking about how awesome turning 4 was~
Family photo ops~

Dinner out...his choice~

 And then off to our nightly bike ride~
So many limbs down from the crazy wind we had~

The we stayed up super late putting together all the awesome Legos he got. 

It was such a great day~

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Kimberly Achelis Hoggan said...

This was the most thoughtful party I have been to. Every detail had so much Lego theme and love put into it. I am so glad we could help celebrate Rowan! What a miricale and wonderful boy he is

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