Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Random Wonderful Life Happenings

Besides all the awesome life events that I blog about, we have those in between times when life is just happening.  Occasionally I find snapshots of those moments on my phone and I am inspired to share some of the ordinary~

We love our library. A recent trip found him checking out a book bigger than him on birds.  This kid loves birds.  We came home with so many books I could barely carry them.  He was on a quest for books on how to build a catapult and pulley system and ants.  Willow stocked up on natural health and beauty books and some reading for our upcoming Mexico trip.
So many babies this year. We counted one mama with 14 babies.  We are lucky to live on the water and we can see all the babies being born~

Game play.  He has discovered the Family Pastime games.  He says that he is never going to play The Sleeping Grump again though because it is scary.  I can't remember if it was Mara or Willow that felt the same way.  This was Josh's favorite game~

But Max is his absolute favorite so far~

These games have been so loved by all of my kids~
Teens at the mall~
 The stories from that night were hilarious~
Margaritas for Cinco De Mayo. We had no idea so many people in Utah celebrated this "Holiday" We went to 4 different places before settling in on Rio Grande. Cheers! ~
Spring time bike walks in his new Spiderman helmet looking for worker bees in the most awesome neighborhood garden~
Blueberry pancakes and french toast at our favorite breakfast stop~
Oh so yummy~
Chinchilla to the vet for disturbing reasons. All I am gonna say is that it has meant 5 days of oral meds, Vaseline and holding down a chinchilla while he tries to bite me while Willow applies Vaseline to his man parts.  Seriously I have never known a more complicated pet.  Its a good thing you are so cute Ozwald~
 Crazy Utah spring weather.  We have had so much hail this year~
We were out driving in one of the storms.  We had to pull under a bridge and wait it out~

Literal handfuls of the stuff~

This handsome guy off to lead his community teamworks project.  This time he showed some adorable kids at HeadStart his mad pizza making skills...and many of the adults.  Is it that weird that David knows how to roll out pizza dough? ~

And someone got into camp! She is so very excited~
 Dinner out on a random Tuesday with great friends~
Sweet baby fix~
 Gotta love Chili's and their table gaming~
 Seriously its the best life ever~

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