Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, April 8, 2016

Unschooling Love

 It was park day with the Unschoolers today...I didn't snap many pictures.  It was our first outing since being struck down with the virus from hell.  It felt good to be back out again, the sun was amazing.  Spring is definitely here.  I said "smile Rowan"...this is what he gave me~

 Panda joined us today~

 It was a nice day~
 I don't think they even played but it's the only picture I captured of them~

We mostly sat around chatting today.  Such random conversation.  Rob Zombie and Rob Lowe both were discussed.  Which led to a "to and from" dinner drive tonight listening to Rob Zombie...then Marilyn Manson...then the Cure...and then playing American Pie and ending with Prymus, Wanda's Big Brown Beaver all while researching the acting career of Rob Lowe.   Don't even ask how it went together.  That's the beauty of Unschooling.  It was music night~

But before dinner I had a long conversation with Aspen.  We were discussing the horrific bill signed into law in Mississippi...under the name of a "Religious Freedom Law"...why don't we call it what it really is, "complete discrimination hate breeding law"  I have friends in Mississippi that this will affect and it is so not ok.  I am so tired of the hate that is being justified under the name of Christianity. Let's be clear, if you are in support of such laws, you may go by the title of Christian but really your just an ass hole. This led to us discussing some distant family...

 Aspen has become friends with a relative that lives in Tennessee, someone he has never met.  He has been literally disowned by his adoptive family for being a Transgendered Male.  It's horrific.  They tell him that he is a girl and he is going to hell for being he's not gay.  Luckily he found a family member that he can stay with and fortunately he found Aspen to talk to through facebook. 

  I am thankful that I have amazing kids that don't hate people for ridiculous reasons like their sexual orientation, the color of their skin, their place of birth...  I am thankful for unschooling and free thinking accepting kids.  

I am thankful for this life~

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