Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Trip

 This awesome group of Unschoolers spent a few days volunteering at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab Utah~
 We left at 6 am...we don't ever see 6 am but these guys were troopers~

 We stopped at Thunderbirds for some Ho made pie~
 Jenn and I shared this but it was meh...
 Then we made our way to the Sanctuary~
 Loving on the kitties in the welcome center~
 Then we headed over the Cat Headquarters and received our assignment to go to Morrigans house and love on the kitties. Some of the kitties had Myelopathy Paresis which is like Palsey and would fall over while trying to walk.  It was heartbreaking to see but they supposedly have no pain and it doesn't change their life expectancy.  This guy was so, so loving. 
 Lots of kitties needing lots of love~

 And then we met Tubs...that wasn't his actual name but it fit him and Willow wanted him so much~

 We got to feed them a jar of chickn baby food and they were in heaven~
 Mr Tubs eating away~

 Time for walks~

 Since many of the cats were special needs animals we took them for rides in strollers~

 And the ones with Myelopathy Paresis couldn't get too far very fast so they could go out without a leash~

 And then others were leash walkers~

 More loving~
 Carter was such a sweet kitty~
 Yes...that's the spot~

 These are some seriously happy, pampered cats~

 Oh, please Mommy can we please take Tubs home~


After our shift we checked in our hotel and then went to get some dinner~

 We stopped in Denny's Wigwam to look around~

 Such a menagerie of things in this shop~

 We had dinner and more pie.  This time the pie was amazing.  Then we headed back to the room where I fell asleep but the party went on with the other 3.  I had earplugs...and I was out! It was day 2 of having to wake up super early so I wanted to get as much sleep as possible~

 Willow and I had the Bunny House shift that morning.  This was some serious hard work~
 We cleaned their cages and filled their waters and timothy hay~

 All 16 of them~

 And we got to say hello to the occasional bunny that would check out our work~
 These were the indoor enclosures and most of them were hanging out outside~

 After we finished we got to hold some sweet lovies~

 And then we got to meet Aspen and Willow~
 It was actually Aspen, Willow, Cedar and Ash.  They were found as babies running loose in the streets of Kanab a few days after Easter last year.  Now they are HUGE fluffy sweethearts~
 Willow feeding Willow~
 And Aspen~
 Then it was lunch time.  There is a restaurant at Best Friends that is vegetarian with vegan options but what was on the menu was not doing it for us so we went to Subway~

 We were exhausted at this point. Serioulsy those bunny pens were a lot of work.  They really need volunteers because that was just one of the houses and they have to do that everyday!
 After lunch we were off to the Parrot Garden~
 Savannah saud hello to Willow and she was thrilled.  In fact, many of the birds were yelling hello and loved it when we echoed it back.  There was one that broke my heart.  He was calling for Abby, the dog he used to live with.  It was so sad to me~
 We cleaned out the Macaws building and the Amazons~
 This is a Military Macaw named Lou Lou~
 This is Pedro.  He is their oldest resident at age 60~
 We made toys for the birds.  They need lots of entertainment or they will start to rip out their feathers.  This guy was very interested in the toy Willow made~

Unfortunately I didn't notice that my phone was about to die and I didn't get any pictures of us carrying in the birds from their outdoor enclosures to the indoor ones.  Willow at one point had 3 cockatiels on her, one on each arm and one on her head that was grooming her hair.  She is seriously an animal whisperer.  Of course now she wants a couple of Cockatiels.  I sad absolutely no to a parrot or macaw after learning so much about them.  They are like having a toddler for 100 years!

  It was so interesting and Lisa, pictured here, was so awesome at educating us all about birds.  Seriously, there needs to be an end to breeding wild birds for pets.  These guys just want to be free and fly and it is so sad that they will live their lives in a cage~

It was such a great experience.  We cant wait to go back and do it again. I think next time we will check out Dogtown and go back to the cats and the Parrots.  Once Willow is 15 we can do the horses, pigs and goats and then when she is 18 we can do the wild animals.  Rowan really wants to go too but you have to be 6 to work there.  In a couple of years he will be tagging along too I am sure~ 

I so love being an unschooler~

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