Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Saturday, April 30, 2016


 Rowan is a creator, crafter, planner, builder....  He is always getting out the craft supplies~

 Lately he has been into making webs through the house.  We had to have a discussion about wool yarn vs acrylic yarn the other day and I had to just take a deep breath and let it's just yarn~

 It does create problems for the rest of us giant people that want to go downstairs~

 So he agreed to keep most of it to the playroom area~
 This was his city with the web high above~

He wants to learn to knit and I am sure he will be soon enough~

Then there is painting.  He paints daily.  So many paintings that are very important and special to him.  Where do I keep them all? We only have so much wall space~

 So he decided to make a map out of some for his various creatures to have a world to play in~
 It folds up nicely~

 And then he wrote a book with some~
 He dictated it and I wrote exactly what he said~

How completely adorable.  I will treasure it forever~

It's so great to be an unschooler~

Friday, April 29, 2016

Salt lake Unschoolers Playdate

A few friends came to play today~
 We were supposed to go to the park, but the weather was whacky so I said "come here!"  Some went to the park and had a great time and some come to play out our house and they seemed to have a great time too!
 The littles ran and played and the bigs played CAH~

 So cute~

Another great day to be an Unschooler~

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Woodland School for Two

 A very rainy day at woodland school made it perfect for puddle jumping~
 No one else braved the cold and rain with us.  In fact, we had the farm to ourselves~

 So we walked around and said hello to the resident farm life~

 Most everyone was snoozing~
 And got to see the new members of the farm~
 So cute~
 These babes are really growing~


 The rain was starting to really come down so we headed back to the car~


 Oh how he loves woodland school~

Salt Lake Unschoolers at the Tulip Garden

The forecast called for rain but we decided to go anyway and I am so glad we did!  The weather held and we had such a fun afternoon


Running free~

Oh so fragrant~


"Mom, I found a sitting tree"~
Mr Goofball~

Photo ops~



 Disco dancers~


 Into the Secret Garden~


 I sure love these two kids~
 Fish eye~
 Jenn spotted them! They blended into the rocks so well.  So cool to see the mama nesting with her babies~

 Tulip spiral~

 Lot's of hill rolling~

 More photo ops~


 Feeding the Koi~

 Gymnastics and wresting in the rose garden~

Another awesome day to be an unschooler~

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