Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, March 18, 2016

St Patricks Day Play!

A rainbow fruit platter for snacking with friends~

 Waking up to check the trap~
 Wow! The Leprechaun left him TONS of gold!
 Funny 11:30 the night before we went to set up the trap and couldn't find the chocolate coins we had bought...turned out, one of the olders had eaten them, so off to Harmons David went to grab some more before they closed.  That morning when Rowan opened the trap and I saw the 50 plus pieces of chocolate I whispered to David "what did you do?? He is going to be sick! Why so much?? lol  Well, it didn't matter, Rowan doesn't know they are chocolates! He thinks the Leprechaun left him his gold...I wonder if he will figure it out soon?

 Then it was time to PLAY~
 Everyone in their green~
 The fruit Rainbow plate was devoured~

 So much was awesome~
 Too many awesome shots so I just posted most of them~

 Littles snacking~

 And then off to the outside~

 Learning to navigate the ladders on the ship~



 I love this picture~
 Sweet adorable babies too~
 Laughter and screams~


 A great save from the flying swing~
 Mama chats~
 All smiles~


 Bouncing buddies~
 So cute~

 Back to the trampoline~

 Big sister little brother Octonauts play~

 Sand slide~

 The sand volcano~

I love how everyone was happy doing their things, inside and outside, so much play.  I love how  Adrian calls me "Cherry" and Summer "Sunshine".  I love how there is so much incredible learning going on when you just let them play. These kids are awesome, wild and free and I feel so lucky to get to do it all again with Rowan.  Can't wait for more awesome play days to come~

Life is good when you are an unschooler~

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Kimberly Achelis Hoggan said...

Lovely. What great photos. That rainbow platter was so beautiful! What a fun afternoon glad I could be there

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