Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Salt Lake Unschoolers: Scales and Tails

 Scales and Tails visit today~
 Off to see the reptiles and arachnids~
 She was in heaven~
 We had the place to ourselves for quite a while~
 Rowan was quite brave on this visit~

 The blue tongued skink~
 His name is Sausage~
 Letting him run~

 Petting the 3rd largest tortoises in the world~
 Oh Peaches, Willow loves to hold all 40 lbs of him~

Rowan not so much~

 He was more into the spiders today~
 She was so great telling the kids so many interesting facts about the animals~
 This water monitor was new, his name is Pop Tart and he will grow to be 70 lbs by the time he is 4.
 Super cool Sand Boa...we got to hold him and then watch him swim back under the sand~

 So many cool creatures~

 Mexican Black Kingsnake...this is the one she wants now~
 My Grandmothers would faint if they saw this~

Another great day to be an unschooler~

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