Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Friday, March 18, 2016

Salt Lake Unschoolers: Egg Hunt and Egg Drop

Off to Sugarhouse Park today for our annual Unschoolers egg hunt and egg drop~

 Little buddies~
 Getting ready to run and find eggs.  What a great turn out we had today!
 And they are off~

 So happy~

 Time to check out what they got~

 Happy Kids~






 Then we headed over to the play structure to drop egg traps~
 Rowan sent his down the slide first~
 And then he threw it over the top~
 It was tough getting though the trap to check on the egg.  Josh helped Rowan make this last night.  He asked Rowan what he thought would be the best thing to keep the egg safe and he said armor so Josh crafted this trap to look like armor from the Roman times~

 Some survived and some cracked~
 Rowan's survived~
 Then he wanted to smash it against a tree~
 So much fun~
Another awesome day to be an Unschooler~


Marlyn Knudsen said...

Thanks for the great pictures!

Marlyn Knudsen said...

Thanks for all the great pictures!

Aspen Days said...

This was such a fun easter egg hunt thanks for planning it out and taking all the great pictures!

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