Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Fanx: Meeting Danai Gurira

Day 3 of Fanx an another dream of Willow's came true!  She got to meet Danai Gurira, a.k.a. knows as Michonne.  We all love Michonne!!

Saturday was a madhouse for photo ops and autographs.  This was a mass "line" of people waiting.  We got in line to get her autograph but ran out of time because her photo ops started.  Luckily they gave us tickets to come back and get in line where we were. 
Love these guys!
They wouldn't let me go back with Willow since I was not going to be in the photo so I walked around while she did her photo op. 
 Then we went to Danai's panel.  Seriously, she is such an amazing person~
We sat in the very back so we could get out quickly and get in line for an autograph but because everything was running over by an hour it really wouldn't have mattered.  Willow ended up standing in line to get her autograph for 3 hours! Danai had to eat lunch after the panel so it took a while.  She said it was worth the wait!  I just couldn't stand any longer so I walked the Con and snagged a chair near the end.

What an awesome 3 days we had at Fanx! Now we are just hoping some more Walking Dead stars come to Comic Con in September...especially Norman Reedus..he owes us for cancelling twice now!~

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