Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, March 27, 2016

New Rides

 I never took a picture of Josh with his new Prius so I am catching up!  Such an awesome car with AMAZING gas mileage!  A huge step up from his beater Volvo. That old car served him well.  $600 and it lasted almost 6 years. This little Prius was a steal. Josh has been quite happy with it~
 And the Easter bunny delivered big for this guy.  He finally found a truck.  Our neighbor opened her door and said "hey, I want your Easter bunny!" Now we can sell the old RV and get a trailer.  We will be sad to see Maude go but we have learned that we would rather not drive 2 vehicles when we go camping.  Next on the list is to sell his Volvo S80.  So if you know anyone in the market for an awesome luxury car with a V8 engine and all the perks let us know! (there it is in the background )

Can't wait for our first trip in the truck...Rowan loves it~


 Easter morning surprises~
Someone woke up very excited~

 Pikachu was his favorite~

 Happy Easter~

Fanx: Meeting Danai Gurira

Day 3 of Fanx an another dream of Willow's came true!  She got to meet Danai Gurira, a.k.a. knows as Michonne.  We all love Michonne!!

Saturday was a madhouse for photo ops and autographs.  This was a mass "line" of people waiting.  We got in line to get her autograph but ran out of time because her photo ops started.  Luckily they gave us tickets to come back and get in line where we were. 
Love these guys!
They wouldn't let me go back with Willow since I was not going to be in the photo so I walked around while she did her photo op. 
 Then we went to Danai's panel.  Seriously, she is such an amazing person~
We sat in the very back so we could get out quickly and get in line for an autograph but because everything was running over by an hour it really wouldn't have mattered.  Willow ended up standing in line to get her autograph for 3 hours! Danai had to eat lunch after the panel so it took a while.  She said it was worth the wait!  I just couldn't stand any longer so I walked the Con and snagged a chair near the end.

What an awesome 3 days we had at Fanx! Now we are just hoping some more Walking Dead stars come to Comic Con in September...especially Norman Reedus..he owes us for cancelling twice now!~

Friday, March 25, 2016

FanX: Meeting Chandler Riggs

 One of her dreams was to meet Chandler Riggs, a.k.a. Carl from the Walking Dead.  That dream came true today.  There were many tears shed from the excitement and it was so cool to see everyone around her empathizing with her.  So sweet~
Waiting for her photo op~
There were super long lines but she got his autograph and pictures with him~
She is quite happy~
Then we went to his Panel~
It was so, so much fun and very interesting~
I was only able to do this today because Rowan had a fun day with Dad~
There is Willow, second to last in line to ask him a question~


Willow's question~

So many awesome cosplayers~

It is truly a great life~

FanX: Day 1

 First things first, checking out where Chandler and Danai will be~

Then Willow went off to explore for a bit while I did KidCon with Rowan~
 He did some super hero training~


 So cute~
 It was packed for a Thursday!
 This girl was so sweet with Rowan.  She spent a lot of time helping him master the stilts~

 Then he made a sword~
 The Cat Bus!
 As close as Willow will get to Norman Reedus this time unfortunately.  He cancelled 1 day before Fanx began.  He had a lot of disappointed fans...But she got to sit on his motorcycle from season 2~

 And then we played in the stand ups~

 Willow cannot wait to meet Michonne on Saturday~
 And one day she hopes to meet Carol~
 But  Friday is all about Carl~

 Of course if there are animals you know she is there~

It's a good life~

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