Joyful Liberation

Joyful Liberation

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Willow's 13th Birthday Party


 Time to celebrate Willow turning 13!  It's official she is a teenager~

 Pizza and snacks~
 And these two cuties had a mini playdate~
 They were fighting zombies~


 Time for the Scavenger hunt!  13 hidden walking dead themed clues for them to find~ David is the master scavenger hunt writer~

 Clue #1: " When the sickness came, no one knew what it was, or how to fix it.  Humanity quickly devolved into kill or be killed.  Life would never be the same again.  You and your friends made your way to the ocean in hopes of finding a ship. "

 They figured it out.  The Pirate ship! 
 Clue #2: "You have survived on the open water for as long as you can.  Supplies have run out and a few of your friends have died along the way.  Unfortunately you had to kill then yet again as no one just dies anymore. You come ashore in an unfamiliar place and need to find some tools to bury the bodies of your friends.  We will bury the ones we love."
 Yep...the creepy shed.
 Clue # 3: " After laying your loved ones to rest, it's time to find some food and supplies.  You see a nearby house.  Perhaps there is some food stashed away in a closet that hasn't been raided yet?"
 They got it (took them a while) The Pantry~

Clue # 4: "Now that you have food, the next order of business is to get some weapons.  Anything can be a weapon, but why not start with actual weapons...even if they are fake" (Rowan's stash of swords)
Clue # 5: "Food, weapons...check.  Now for some warmth. Perhaps a fire to cook that food"  (the grill)

Clue # 6: " Ok, the basics are covered.  Now how do you not just survive, but thrive? You are going to need first aid supplies.  There are no policemen, ambulances or firemen left but their buildings still stand.  Perhaps there are supplies left behind in buildings devoted to public safety and rescue"  (the toy firehouse)
 Clue # 7:  "It has been weeks since you came back ashore.  You have been surviving the best way you can.  Some days are easier than others, but honestly it's hard.  Real hard. It's as if every day presents a new puzzle of cosmic proportions.  You struggle every day to put the pieces together." (the cosmic space puzzle)
 Clue # 8: "Your supplies are starting to run low again.  It's time to search for new sources of food and safe places to stay.  Somewhere on this round ball we call Earth HAS to be somewhere safe"  (the globe)
Clue # 9: " Perhaps the key to survival against the mass of Walking dead is to head to places where there were few people to begin with.  It make take super hero powers though to get there, but since you can't be a super hero you will just have to be yourself.  Will that be enough?" (the Spiderman sign)
 Clue # 10:" If Humanity is to have any chance, you must find a way to beat this before you too join the herds of the dead.  Unfortunately, everyday more and more cards are stacked against you." ( Cards Against Humanity)
 Clue #11: "During one of your scavenging runs you ran into another party of survivors.  They are lead by someone who looks like he's been doing this for years.  He definitely ain't nobody's bitch!" (Daryl Dixon stand up in Willow's Room)
 Clue # 12: "The wandering herds of the walking dead are getting too thick.  It's not safe to stay here any longer.  The two merged parties need to find a new ride outta here!"  (the catbus)
 Clue # 13: "Now that you have some wheels, perhaps it's time to head south, far enough that it's too old for most people. You get in your car and head south as far as you can.  Maybe you will be safe, but perhaps you will find just the tip of the iceberg"  (time for Birthday shakes!)
 Having fun~

 Happy Birthday Willow!
 Wolfie makes me laugh~


 Siblings~ ( Mara had to work :( )
 Rowan got a cone~

 Games~ walks to the park in dark~ so much food~

It was a great party! Thanks for coming and celebrating everyone~

Happy Birthday Willow! We love you~

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